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Mind-bending Netflix sci-fi series Dark gets season 2 trailer, release date

The second season of the eerie German series hopefully reveals more clues about what missing kids, a creepy cave and a time machine have in common.

Season 2 of German sci-fi series Dark looks both bleak and entertaining.

Warning: spoilers ahead. 

When children start disappearing from the small German town of Winden in Netflix sci-fi series Dark, four families discover they're strangely interconnected and may hold the key to why certain kids go missing. Season one unfolded the mystery one cryptic clue at a time with a creepy atmosphere reminiscent of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks

In Dark's second season, which debuts on Netflix on June 21, we may finally get some answers about the missing kids, along with more details about that cave lurking underneath the local nuclear power plant that seems to hide a wormhole for time travel.

We already know from season 1 that Dark's story spans different time periods. Teenager Jonas (Louis Hofmann) lives in the present day trying to unravel his own family's secrets, including why his father committed suicide. There's also police officer Ulrich Nielsen (Oliver Masucci), whose brother disappeared 33 years earlier and was never found.

Season 1 also introduced an evil priest named Noah (Mark Waschke) who kidnaps boys, straps them to an electric chair that doubles as his own DIY time machine, then transports the kids to different decades. But because Noah's machine doesn't work properly, it ends up killing each boy as they are transported through a wormhole into a different year.

At the end of season 1, we were left with plenty of unanswered questions about the characters who are missing or are trapped in a sort of time loop, or are responsible for the murders. 

Dark's season 2 trailer, which Netflix posted Thursday, shows Jonas continuing his quest to find more answers about how he's suddenly been thrown into the year 2052.

The trailer also shows what seems to be a struggle between characters who want to master time travel to control the future. Oh, and the apocalypse is right around the corner.

Netflix also revealed in the new trailer that Dark is a trilogy. So even if we don't get all our questions answered in this upcoming season 2, there's another season to look forward to.