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New Stranger Things 3 trailer gets in the swim at the Hawkins pool

Hunky Billy rules the pool and the moms are there for it.

Game of Thones is over, and it's time for another small-screen obsession: Stranger Things. The third season of the 1980s-set science fiction-horror show will explode onto Netflix on July 4, and a new video clip came out on Monday.

Billy Hargrove is a jerk to the main kids of Hawkins, Indiana, but to the ladies who lounge at the Hawkins Community Pool, especially Mike Wheeler's mom, Karen, he's hunk-a-delic. 

The teaser doesn't give away any plot details, but it does throw viewers right back into the '80s, when suntan lotion ruled over sunscreen, New Coke was a thing, and blue-and-pink layered eyeshadow was a fashion must.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on July 4 for its third season.