Luke Cage and Ant-Man's buddy fight aliens in new Netflix trailer

Michael Peña and Mike Colter look forward to meeting ET in the trailer for Extinction.

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Richard Trenholm
Aleksandar Letic/Netflix

Aliens are coming to visit, and they don't look friendly. Luckily, Michael Peña is giving the world a heads-up thanks to strange portentous dreams about the coming invasion -- but will anyone believe him?

That's the premise behind this new sci-fi movie coming to streaming service Netflix on 27 July. Check out the trailer below.

Peña, the comic highlight of Marvel's Ant-Man movies, doesn't look he has much to laugh about in the trailer. But he does get to hang out with his fellow Marvel star Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage in Netflix's superhero shows. Lizzy Caplan is also on board as Peña's wife.

Netflix has something of a hit-and-miss track record when it comes to churning out sci-fi B-movies, from the gloriously weird Annihilation to the incoherent Cloverfield Paradox and recent Tau. Let's hope Extinction offers a new twist on the alien invasion genre.

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