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Tau trailer: Netflix's AI-infused B-movie looks dreadful

Saw meets HAL in this computer-powered horror flick.

Picture the scene: Netflix headquarters. Pitch meeting. The creators of new sci-fi horror movie Tau sit nervously in front of a Netflix exec slowly spinning round in a giant gold chair.

"OK, so Tau is about... what if HAL... was evil?"

"Who's HAL?"

"HAL, the creepy computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey."

"I never saw that movie."

"Really? It's a classic."

"Yeah, but it's hella old. Who wants to watch a movie made in 2001?"

"Actually it was... anyhoo, so Tau asks what if a super-creepy scientist made an even creepier AI and tortured people."


"Mostly women. Hot blonde women."

"Now you're talking!"

"Gary Oldman does the voice. And it's in a smart home. That kills people."

[Netflix exec tries to light a vape pen with a burning hundred dollar bill.]

"So basically it's Saw with a computer?"



Tau comes to Netflix on 29 June.