'Luck' Trailer: Apple Aims for Some of That Pixar Animated Magic

The animated movie stars Simon Pegg, Whoopi Goldberg and Jane Fonda as a dragon.

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An animated dragon in the cartoon movie Luck.

Good luck to you.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is hoping to luck out with a Pixar-style animated movie about the unluckiest person in the world. Here's the fun trailer for Luck, streaming in August.

The consistently unlucky Sam Greenfield (voiced by Tony-nominated Broadway actor Eva Noblezada) finds her life turned round when she finds a lucky penny and a talking cat named Bob (Simon Pegg doing his Scottish accent). She finds herself in the magical Land of Luck, where she also bumps into a dragon with the voice of Jane Fonda. 

Luck's release date is Aug. 5, on Apple TV Plus.

It's directed by Peggy Holmes, who previously helmed some animated Disney sequels, and one of the producers is Toy Story director and former Pixar head John Lasseter. Lasseter now runs Skydance Animation after exiting Pixar due to sexual misconduct allegations.

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