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Incredibles 2 is now on Blu-ray, Digital HD: Every way to watch

Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible and the kids' second big-screen adventure is now viewable from home.

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Mike Sorrentino
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Incredibles 2 is now available on home release.


Disney's Incredibles 2 is now out on Digital HD and Blu-ray, bringing Pixar's superhero family to nearly any screen you want to watch it on.

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The film, which crossed the $1 billion mark in the box office last summer, is available in a physical 4K Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray and DVD while also including a digital copy.

Customers can also opt for the previously-released digital version, which can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, Fandango Now and Microsoft Movies & TV. You can also buy it through the Disney-owned Movies Anywhere service, and link those stores to your Movies Anywhere account to view on whichever device you want. That way you can watch it from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Roku, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV or any other device that supports at least one of those digital stores.

Extras include the Bao featurette that played before Incredibles 2 in theaters, behind-the-scenes clips and deleted scenes.

Incredibles 2 is also set to eventually stream on Netflix, where it will be available for at least some time before Disney launches its streaming service in 2019. The situation is similar for Marvel movies on Netflix, which include Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. Star Wars films such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Rogue One are also currently on Netflix through this deal.

First published Oct. 23, 2018, at 3:24 p.m. PT.
Update Nov. 6 at 3 a.m. PT: Adds Blu-ray release information.

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