The Incredibles 2 just crossed $1B at the box office

Expectations shattered -- and it's still going.

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It makes you wonder why they took so long to make a sequel.

After an amazing opening run, and a sustained tail, The Incredibles 2 has now crossed $1 billion in terms of its global box office take as of July 30, taking $574 million domestically in the US and $430 million internationally. 

The Incredibles 2 has absolutely shattered expectations.

In the US, The Incredibles 2 is the highest grossing animated release of all time, the ninth biggest overall release in US history, and is just the seventh animated fillm to cross $1 billion globally.

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Why? Well there appears to be a number of mitigating factors. The movie is good, according to most reviews, which has resulted in a long tail for audiences and solid word of mouth. Superheroes are hot right now and The Incredibles 2 is a movie parents can take their superhero loving kids to watch.

There's also that crossover -- the nostalgia factor. The first Incredibles movie was released 15 years ago and you best believe adults are going to the cinema to watch the sequel to, what many believe is, Pixar's best cinematic release. There's broad audience appeal there.

Incredibly, the movie still hasn't released in some regions, most noticeably Japan and Spain. This thing is printing money.

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Update, July 31: It's crossed $1 billion now.

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