Hulu beats Netflix in race to air documentary on doomed Fyre Festival

Fyre fight. The streaming services are releasing movies about the festival within days of one another.

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Mike Sorrentino

Hulu's out with Fyre Fraud, a documentary about the doomed 2017 Bahamas music festival that eventually led to its organizer serving six years in prison after admitting to fraud.

The service's take on what happened at the festival debuts Monday, just days before Netflix's Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, which will hit that streaming service on Friday.

"Hulu surprise dropping its Fyre Fest documentary today, mere days before Netflix was set to drop its own, is the level of aggressive pettiness I'm here for," Variety's Caroline Franke tweeted.

Charlie Ridgely from CNET sister site ComicBook.com noted that the announcement also came as review embargoes for publications lifted on Netflix's Fyre film, meaning that people searching for the Netflix movie are likely to also see the Hulu film right there in the same results.

"People are searching for info on the Fyre doc and SURPRISE! There's already one online," Ridgely said. And with the launch of even more streaming services in 2019, it won't be surprising to see the competition get even more steamy.

Either way, if you wanted a deep dive into what led to the disastrous festival, by the end of the week you'll have two options.

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