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Game of Thrones trio say goodbye to plastic bottles with SodaStream

The Mountain, Hodor and Septa Unella reunite for an environmental message.

You might remember these three as Septa Unella (the bringer of Shame), The Mountain (the gouger) and Hodor (the holder), but SodaStream's campaign is much nicer than Game of Thrones.

They've said goodbye to Game of Thrones. Now they're doing the same with single-use plastic

Hafthor (Thor) Bjornsson, Kristian Nairn and Hannah Waddingham -- who played The Mountain, Hodor and Septa "Shame" Unella in the soon to be finished HBO megahit -- came together to spread SodaStream's environmental message by highlighting some everyday problems with single-use plastic bottles.

It's a remake of a 2017 campaign from SodaStream, which is owned by PepsiCo and known for its DIY seltzer makers like the SodaStream Mix.

We can all agree that it's a relief to see Bjornsson playing a role that doesn't involve any horrifying Cleganebowl ultraviolence, especially to the tune of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye.

"We are always looking for fun and exciting ways to convey the message that we can enjoy fresh sparkling beverages in a planet-friendly way," SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said in a release.

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"We encourage consumers to say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello to reusable solutions and as a bonus, they will also avoid unnecessary, painful schlepping."

They aren't the only Game of Thrones alumni promoting environmentalism -- the famously bearded Jason Momoa shaved off his facial hair to raise awareness for aluminum recycling last month.