Game of Thrones season 8: The internet reacts to the absolute madness of episode 5

Things got pretty crazy in there folks.

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The Mad Queen?


It's been an up and down season for Game of Thrones. A dragon was killed in ways that frustrated and annoyed everyone, everyone got extremely angry when Jon Snow didn't pet Ghost and then the internet found a coffee cup on set and went buck wild.

This episode was all about the insane carnage.

OK, goes without saying but...

It started early with the burning of Varys. And the burning just didn't stop.

The question going in was simple: Was Dany about to become the Mad Queen, or was it all just a big swerve?

Yeah, they answered that pretty definitively. 

Daenerys Targaryen basically set all of King's Landing on fire. The Bells rang out for surrender but Dany wasn't trying to hear that noise.

Yep, Dany basically burned everything down and killed thousands of people. Not sure if King's Landing as we knew it even exists any more.

It's a nice little throwback to this:

The carnage was insane and dramatic and very Game of Thrones , but did it make sense? Hmmmmm.....

Thoughts? Well, Mad Queen Dany is bad and everyone should feel bad. Very disappointed we spent a decade watching a really great female leader emerge, with a very cool and consistent "break the wheel" message only to have it completely turned around at the last, crucial minute. Not sure it entirely made sense, but I sure had a lot of fun watching it all unfold.

I do get the sense that a backlash to the backlash is imminent.

Next week is going to be extremely interesting. 


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