Game of Thrones' latest death is a tough one to take and everyone is very upset

Why would they do this?

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Look, we're used to heart-wrenching deaths on Game of Thrones, but this is different. This totally sucks.

What are you doing to us here? Why would you do this?

OK, here's your obligatory spoiler warning for episode 4 of this final season. 


Can we talk now? OK, let's talk.

They killed a dragon. They killed another goddamn dragon. Rhaegal to be specific. People are upset. Hell, I'm upset. The Night King doing the whole "you're an ice dragon now" to Viserion was pretty bad, but this might actually be worse.

Mainly because of who did the killing. 

Rhaegal died thanks to Euron Greyjoy and Cersei's gigantic dragon crossbow thing -- this is a problem. Euron sucks. Not in a good, "Hi, I'm Joffrey the best villain in TV history kind of way." In a bad, "my character is a bit weird and people don't really like me" kind of way. In wrestling, they call this "X-Pac heat."

Anyway, Twitter got real upset about Rhaegon essentially getting murked by Euron's fleet. Rightfully so in my humble opinion.

With Rhaegal kicking the bucket and Jon Snow putting Ghost up for adoption, it was truly a difficult episode for the pets.

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