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From Stark family reunions to Jon's dragon flight to Arya and Gendry, let's take a spoiler-filled trip to Westeros.

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Fire and ice

Warning: This slideshow contains spoilers.

Winter is here, and so are all the photos HBO released from the first five episodes of Game of Thrones season 8. As new episodes air, we'll update this slideshow with new images.

In this image from the series finale, King's Landing looks a lot worse for wear after Daenerys and Drogon blew through.

Note: This gallery was originally published April 19, 2019 and was updated throughout the final season.

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Looking at the end

Daenerys looks out at the Unsullied army and the smoldering wreck of King's Landing in one of two photos released by HBO from the Game of Thrones series finale.

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Last of the Lannisters

Tyrion Lannister has survived until the Game of Thrones series finale, but it hasn't been an easy road. And he had some thorny issues to navigate in the final episode.

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Together always

Some viewers wondered if Jaime or Cersei could've survived the collapse of the Red Keep. Here's your answer.

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Jon Snow's journey

In the series finale, Jon Snow has to decide between the queen he promised to obey and his own sense of Stark moral decency.

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A soldier's duty

Grey Worm, who lost so much in recent days, wants to execute all the soldiers who fought against his queen, but Jon, as always, seeks mercy.

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After the battle

Tyrion confronts Daenerys, whom he betrayed, in the series finale.

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Tyrion in chains

Tyrion knew he'd have to pay for trying to save his brother Jaime, and in the series finale, finds himself a prisoner once again. It's not a new role to him.

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The throne, at last

In the series finale, Daenerys finally stands in front of the Iron Throne, with no one keeping it from her any longer. But...

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Close to the goal

Eight seasons in and now surely the throne is hers. Right?

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The throne at last

Yep, nothing can possibly stop Daenerys from ruling the Seven Kingdoms. Nothing except...

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Aunt and nephew, together again

As she seems sure to take the throne, Daenerys is joined by her nephew and lover, Jon Snow.

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She had it coming

Jon Snow tells Daenerys she was always his queen, and then killed her, right in front of the Iron Throne.

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Drogon's despair

Drogon, the last surviving dragon, somehow senses Daenerys' death and somes to her side.

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The Mother of Dragons, mourned by her one surviving child.

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Fiery revenge

A furious Drogon lets his anger out after his mother's death.

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Drogon's flames destroy the Iron Throne.

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Closing the book

In the series finale, Ser Brienne takes pen in hand and finishes Jaime Lannister's entry in the famed Book of Brothers.

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Stark survivors

Arya, Bran and Sansa Stark gather at a council of the various leaders of Westeros in the series finale. And Bran finds himself a new job.

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Family reunion

Stark uncle Edmure Tully thinks he has a lot to say at the small council in the series finale, but Sansa shushes him.

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Family love

Sansa hugs Jon Snow before he departs for the Night's Watch.

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Bye, brother

Jon Snow checks to make sure Arya still has Needle before they part ways.

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Bran the Broken

Bran says goodbye to Jon Snow.

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Bending the knee

Before departing for the Night's Watch, Jon Snow bends the knee to King Bran the Broken.

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Back again

Jon Snow once again finds himself at the Wall.

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Tyrion starts over

Tyrion, the last of the Lannisters, is surprised to find he isn't mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire. Must've been a misprint.

27 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

I've called you all here because...

King Bran the Broken begins his reign.

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How about a spinoff for Arya?

Arya Stark survived so much, and now wants to set off and discover what's west of Westeros.

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All hail Sansa

Sansa Stark survived it all.

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Crowned at last

All hail the Queen in the North!

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All hail the Queen in the North

Sansa decides to keep the North independent, splitting off from the Seven Kingdoms.

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The end is near

Jon Snow and Varys have no idea what awaits them in episode 5 of the final season.

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Riding out

Jon, Tormund and the wildlings head out to the unknown.

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Leaving the Wall

With the White Walkers dead, what is the Night's Watch now watching?

35 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

The former king

Jon Snow has suffered, celebrated and along the way, discovered who he really is. His future's unknown, but his moral center seems strong.

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Goodbye, Game of Thrones

Jon Snow stays strong and unbowed throughout, even when he bends the knee.

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On the beach

Jon Snow and Varys confer on the beach in episode 5 of the final season. It won't be a good one for Varys.

38 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

This is the end

Tyrion and Varys have both had tough lives. One of them is about to end.

39 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Death by dragon

Farewell, Lord Varys, you were intriguing. And no one deserves what was done to you as a child.

40 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Still his queen

Jon has sworn eternal loyalty to Daenerys, but now things are getting messy.

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Royal agony

Still reeling from her losses, Daenerys must somehow pull it together in episode 5.

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Before the battle

Ser Davos, Jon Snow and Tyrion await the deadly fight in King's Landing in episode 5 of the final season.

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Golden moment

Harry Strickland, leader of the Golden Company, prepares to lead his troops.

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Still reeling

Grey Worm suffered a horrible loss in episode 4, but must rally and lead the Unsullied in episode 5.

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Watching the skies

Is that a dragon Euron Greyjoy hears?

46 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A queen watches the war

Queen Cersei sees the battle come straight to her in episode 5.

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Jon and Davos

Jon Snow still has hopes things will turn out all right as the bloody events of episode 5 commence.

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Little brother

Tyrion thinks there's one last chance to save his siblings in episode 5.

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I'm on fire

Euron Greyjoy watches as Daenerys' last dragon, Drogon, lights up the harbor.

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Here we come

Jon Snow, Grey Worm and Davos march through the opening created by Drogon in episode 5.

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Fire next time

Tyrion stands and surveys the wreckage in episode 5.

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A shocking sight

Tyrion stares at the destruction of King's Landing.

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Damaged Daenerys

Even as the bells of surrender ring out, Daenerys isn't done with Cersei in episode 5.

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A tender goodbye

The Hound knows this is the last time he'll see Arya.

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Clegane Bowl commences

At long last, the brothers Clegane meet for their fight to the death.

56 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Brother vs. brother

The Hound has probably been waiting for this day since way back when his brother horribly scarred him and made him terrified of fire.

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Flames everywhere

Daenerys let Drogon loose on King's Landing in episode 5.

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Come with me if you want to live

Arya tries to save a mother and daughter from the disaster that is King's Landing in episode 5.

59 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Grey Worm in battle

Grey Worm fights a bloody path through King's Landing.

60 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Good riddance

Euron Greyjoy thought he'd killed Jaime Lannister, but as with many things in his life, he was wrong.

61 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

The Kingslayer in bad shape

It didn't look good for Jaime when he fought Euron in episode 5, but he was determined to see Cersei one more time.

62 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Together forever

Cersei and Jaime came into this world together, and it was always predicted that they would exit it together, too.

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Ned Stark's daughter all the way

Arya Stark, true survivor.

64 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Then I looked and saw a pale horse...

Arya finds a way out of the chaos.

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After the battle

Jon Snow led the farewell to those who died in the Battle of Winterfell at the start of episode 4.

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Honoring the dea

Sansa, Arya and Bran Stark, the Hound, and others stand soberly before lighting the funeral pyres for those who died in the Battle of Winterfell.

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A poignant farewell

Bidding farewell to those who died in the Battle of Winterfell.

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Remembering the dead

After the Battle of Winterfell, the dead were honored, with Jon Snow noting "we will never see their like again."

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Consulting the map

Missandei, Daenerys and Varys help plan strategy.

70 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A queen and her dragon

Turns out the dragons aren't quite as invincible as Daenerys may have thought.

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Fleet and fury

Things turned bloody and terrifying out on the sea in episode 4.

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Plotting and planning

Never trust Euron or Cersei. Both of them have ulterior motives.

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A queen's farewell

Daenerys says farewell to those who died at the Battle of Winterfell, especially her beloved Jorah.

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Farewell kiss

Daenerys says goodbye to her ever-faithful protector, Jorah Mormont.

75 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A Stark at the end

Sansa left Theon with the direwolf symbol of the Stark family.

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Raise your glass

Tormund, Jon and Daenerys at the after-battle feast.

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One battle's won, but a huge one against Cersei's well-rested army looms.

78 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Unlikely allies

The Hound reveals he knows what Sansa's been through.

79 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Romantic dreams

Gendry has big hopes for a future with Arya.

80 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Riding companions

The Hound and Arya have come a long way.

81 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A royal request

Daenerys has a request for Jon, but it's not an easy one.

82 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Stark secret

The surviving Starks all know a family secret now.

83 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Ghostly farewell

Tormund and Ghost watch Jon ride off to an uncertain fate.

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Calm before the storm

Grey Worm and Missandei before things start to get brutal.

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Dragons approach

As episode 4 begins, Daenerys is down to two dragons. But things will change quickly.

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Uneven odds

Qyburn's been busy arming the Iron Fleet with improved versions of his scorpion, a dragon-killing weapon.

87 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Havin' my baby

Cersei's fine with letting Euron think he fathered her baby. He doesn't need to know about her brotherly love.

88 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO


Missandei became a prisoner of Cersei, and if you've seen even one episode, you know that rarely ends well.

89 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A knight's take

Jaime confesses his terrible deeds to Brienne.

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Fury in the sky

Darnerys' dragons are truly her children, as we see again in episode 4 when tragedy strikes.

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Confrontation time

Qyburn has even mounted scorpions on the walls of the castle. One of those tiny figures on the castle ramparts is Missandei.

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Hostage to fortune

Cersei knows just how much Missandei means to Daenerys and her forces.

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Defiant to the last

Missandei calls out "Dracarys," which means "Dragonfire," in one brave protest as The Mountain readies his sword.

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Look of loss

Grey Worm has seen terrible sights in his Unsullied days, but perhaps nothing has touched him like this.

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This will not be forgiven

Daenerys hated Cersei already, but after the events of episode 4, now it's even more personal.

96 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Arya in battle

In episode 3, Arya really comes in to her own as a fighter.

97 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Fiery fighter

Beric Dondarrion, eye patch, flaming sword and all, prepares for battle.

98 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Not today

Melisandre and Arya face very different fates at the end of the Battle of Winterfell. But it turns out Melisandre knew Syrio's "What do we say to the God of Death?" line too.

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Ghost, Jon's direwolf, is seen in the battle charge, but it's unclear what happened to him. Probably nothing good.

100 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Snow in winter

Avengers assemble! Wait, wrong franchise. Jon Snow in full battle form.

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Tough trio

In a group of Melisandre, Arya and The Hound, we're always on Arya's side.

102 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A fighting queen

Daenerys and Jorah are fittingly together for part of the Battle of Winterfell.

103 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Fired up

Theon is one heck of an archer.

104 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Baratheon boy

Gendry, we've missed you.

105 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Who let the dog out?

The Hound is no fan of fire, and the Battle of Winterfell had plenty of that.

106 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Let it snow

Jon Snow's up to bat.

107 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Backs to the wall

Brienne and Jaime are in dire need of assistance as the dead surge toward them.

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Is it hot in here?

Drogon delivers.

109 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Valar dohaeris

Grey Worm saw many of the Unsullied fall in the Battle of Winterfell.

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Little Lady Mormont grows up

Few characters on Game of Thrones had the sheer guts of little Lady Lyanna Mormont. The show's directors said she was originally intended as a one-episode character.

111 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Lady in red

Melisandre played multiple roles in the Battle of Winterfell, including lighting up the Dothraki arakhs (swords).

112 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Reek no more

Theon proved his mettle by defending Bran in the Battle of Winterfell.

113 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Eye see you

Bran does his three-eyed raven trick during the Battle of Winterfell, confusing Theon.

114 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Bye, Beric

Arya once had Beric Dondarrion on her kill list, but seems to have mellowed toward him.

115 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Fire and ice

Arya Stark looked to be doomed numerous times during the Battle of Winterfell, especially here.

116 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO


Sansa and Tyrion, who are technically still married to each other, take refuge in the crypts of Winterfell.

117 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Ice, ice, baby

Viserion, Daenerys' lost dragon, is the Ice King's biggest weapon. (Supermarket chickens helped him take shape.)

118 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Save Sam!

Sam has a good heart, but his battle skills leave a little something to be desired.

119 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Farewell, friend

Dolorous Edd saves Sam, but at great cost.

120 of 187 HBO


The Night King is the calmest soldier we've ever seen.

121 of 187 HBO

The smallest vs. the biggest

Lyanna Mormont was lost, but not until after she took out a zombified giant. (Was that you, Wun-Wun?)

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Age before beauty

Melisandre told Davos she would be dead by morning, and guess what?

123 of 187 HBO

Taking on the king

It looked like the end for Arya when she attacked the Night King.

124 of 187 HBO

I see Dany's back

Daenerys and Jon watch as the Battle of Winterfell begins. They won't be out of the action for long.

125 of 187 HBO

What's that?

Jon Snow has faced some impossible situations, but the Battle of Winterfell was the toughest yet.

126 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Heard any good eunuch jokes lately?

In the third episode, Varys and Tyrion discover the crypts aren't necessarily a safe place when you're fighting the dead.

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Once more, unto the breach

Brienne, now a knight in her own right, prepares to battle the dead along with Jaime, Tormund and others. 

128 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Sisters and survivors

Sansa and Arya Stark grew up at Winterfell, and now they're set to defend it till the end. Little sister Arya gives her big sister a weapon and a bit of advice.

129 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Serious Sansa

Being the Lady of Winterfell isn't as easy as Sansa's mother Catelyn once made it look, especially now.

130 of 187 Courtesy of HBO

Love, Westeros style

Arya gives Gendry the eye in episode 2 before things turned romantic.

131 of 187 Courtesy of HBO

Arya and Gendry, sitting in a tree

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Hey, if you thought your last hours were approaching, you'd move things along, too.

132 of 187 HelenSloan/HBO

Planning the fight

Almost all of your favorite Game of Thrones characters gathered to prepare for war -- at least as much as anyone can prepare for war with an army of the dead.

133 of 187 Courtesy of HBO


All the best-laid plans are likely to go out the window once the dead approach.

134 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Family reunion

The surviving Starks, together at last.

135 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Readying for battle

Jaime, Beric, Tormund and Davos are good fighters, but can they handle the dead?

136 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Gendry prepares

Gendry knows his way around a weapon, and no, that's not a euphemism.

137 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Star-crossed lovers

Nothing's been easy for Grey Worm and Missandei.

138 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Armed again

Grey Worm returns Jaime's sword after Brienne defends him to Daenerys.

139 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

The things he does for love

Jaime finally has to face up to what he did in the very first episode.

140 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO


Yup, Bran did remember who threw him out of the window.

141 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Taking 'family affair' a bit too literally

Family tree site Ancestry.com would have a field day with Daenerys and Jon.

142 of 187 Courtesy of HBO

A knight's tale

Jaime knights Brienne.

143 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A knight's tale

She's Ser Brienne, at last.

144 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Two knights

Respect flows between Jaime and Brienne, despite their differences.

145 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Almost a brother

Sansa grew up with Theon at Winterfell, and she seemed pleased to see him again. They've both been through hell and back.

146 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO


Tormund and Jon are friends till the end. Uh, is this the end?

147 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Don't drink it all

Who can blame The Hound and Arya for pounding a few drinks after all that's happened?

148 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Shake on it

Sansa and Daenerys, two powerful women coming together at last.

149 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Bran faces what's ahead

Bran, more than anyone, knows what's coming.

150 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Blood brothers

Why did either of these two ever believe a word Cersei said?

151 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Beric pondering

Beric may need more than a flaming sword for this battle.

152 of 187 Courtesy of HBO

It's ON

Hey there, is that our cue? Because we are MORE THAN READY for the puny humans.

153 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Future looks Stark

Jon and Arya are facing troubles Ned Stark and his pal King Robert Baratheon couldn't have foreseen.

154 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Facing the past

Jaime had to answer for his killing of Daenerys' father, the murder that earned him his "Kingslayer" nickname.

155 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Tyrion drinks and he knows things

Tyrion trusted Cersei. Was he nuts?

156 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Moment of peace

A quiet moment for Bran, who's decided not to tattle on Jaime.

157 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

What's cooking?

Davos has seen battles, but not one like this.

158 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Gilly helps out

More Gilly in the plot, please -- she turned out to be quite the loyal spouse to Sam.

159 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Friends in need

Sam isn't known as a fighter, but he's loyal to Jon at all cost.

160 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Here's the story

Bran warned Tyrion that his story was a long one, but the youngest Lannister wanted to hear it anyway.

161 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Brave despite her age

Lyanna Mormont might be young, but she's not one for hiding in crypts while a battle rages above.

162 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Lady of Winterfell

Sansa is aptly filling her mother's shoes as the Lady of Winterfell.

163 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Future hopes

Grey Worm and Missandei planned for a future that may or may not come to pass.

164 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Tough times

Grim times abound for Dany, who had to face her father's murderer and now has learned just who Jon's parents are.

165 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

We three

Daenerys, shown here with Varys and Jorah, discovered something majorly earth-shaking about her family tree.

166 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Family bed

So few families get a happy ending in this show, but here's hoping for one for Gilly, Sam and little Sam.

167 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Love you, brother

Arya and Jon's reunion was much anticipated by fans of the Starks, and their touching hug didn't disappoint.

168 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO


Jon was stunned by how much little brother Bran had grown up in the years since they'd seen each other.

169 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Curls for days

Who's doing Daenerys' hair these days? GIRL, it is awesome. She's shown here with Sam.

170 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Take off to the Great White North

Before the first episode of the final season, only Dany could ride a dragon. But that Targaryen skill seems to be in Jon's bloodline as well.

171 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Who's a good boy?

Jon asked Daenerys what would happen if Rhaegal didn't want him to ride him. "Then I've enjoyed your company, Jon Snow," she replied.

172 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Dragon family

In the first season, Sansa worried about what dragons would eat. Even the Dothraki may not be able to hunt down enough food for Dany's pets.

173 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Catching a queen

Euron Greyjoy wants things from Queen Cersei, but she has her own reasons for keeping him around.

174 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Baratheon blood

Gendry is finally back, and the fact that he's Robert Baratheon's son is bound to come into play.

175 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Old friends

In the season premiere, Arya convinced Gendry to make her a very specific new weapon.

176 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Doggone it

The Hound and Arya met up in the first episode of season 8, long after she'd robbed him and left him for dead.

177 of 187

I'm my own grandpaw

Don't look too lovingly at each other. Jon and Daenerys' relationship is a bit too close for comfort, as Sam told Jon in the first episode of the final season.

178 of 187

Sailing away

Euron Greyjoy brought back the mercenary army known as the Golden Company, but Cersei really would have preferred a few elephants.

179 of 187

No eunuch jokes

Theon's lost a great deal to get to where he is.

180 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Saving Sis

Theon Greyjoy finally is beginning to shake off his Reek persona. Here he is saving his sister Yara from their creepy uncle Euron.

181 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

A new generation rises

Lyanna Mormont, a fan favorite, is back again speaking for the young ones. At least she survived the season 8 premiere, unlike, say little Lord Ned Umber.

182 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Brave till the last

Young Lord Ned Umber was sent to his home of Last Hearth to bring his people to support Jon Snow. But it turned out to be a fateful trip.

183 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Tormund in trouble

Tormund finds more than he bargained for at Last Hearth.

184 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Uh oh...

Beric's flaming sword is about to come in very handy.

185 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Stop dragon my heart around

Drogon and Rhaegal are wondering where their buddy Viserion went. Nobody tell them.

186 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

The Hound rides on

We're still waiting for CleganeBowl, in which The Hound will inevitably fight his zombified big brother, The Mountain.

187 of 187 Helen Sloan/HBO

Like something out of Alien

The most terrifying scene in the season premiere involved what became of little Lord Ned Umber and the rest of his people. Looks like the Army of the Dead has time for very creepy craft projects.

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