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Game of Thrones 'ends beautifully' for Tyrion, Peter Dinklage says

But tragedy may await as the youngest Lannister plays the game to its end.

Tyrion Lannister is in line for a beautiful ending, whatever that means.

Tyrion Lannister drinks and he knows things. And one of the things his portrayer, actor Peter Dinklage, does indeed know, is how HBO's hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones will finally end.

"It ends beautifully for my character whether it be tragic or not," the actor told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. "There are no better writers in television than (Game of Thrones co-creator) Dan Weiss and David Benioff. They ended it brilliantly. Better than I could have imagined and you people are in for it."

Uh, that mention of "tragic" is a little unnerving for Tyrion fans, but it also makes sense. The youngest Lannister was bound to wrap up his plotline with sadness, whether it's his own death (in some heroic way, let's hope) or through watching his brother Jaime die. (Sorry, Kingslayer, but you seem pretty doomed.) 

And remember, one of them likely has to (gets to?) kill their sister Cersei before meeting his own doom. After all, Maggy the Frog predicted Cersei would die by the hands of the valonqar, which we know means "little brother." Cersei has long suspected Tyrion, but we all know her twin Jaime is also slightly younger, and he's not too fond of his sister-lover lately.

Game of Thrones is expected to return in summer 2019.