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'Game of Thrones' final episodes might be as long as movies

Lights, camera, Westeros! Fans may have to wait a long time for the HBO hit's final season, but once it arrives, the episodes should be worth it.

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No question, "Game of Thrones" episodes already feel like mini-movies, with their amazing special effects, complex plots and stunning settings. But when season 8, the final season of the HBO fantasy hit, rolls around in 2018 or 2019, the "mini" part of that description may no longer apply.

"Thrones" sound designer Patricia Fairfield spoke at the convention Con of Thrones in Nashville over the weekend, and according to David Chen, co-host of the "Cast of Kings" fan podcast, reported that the final-season episodes could all be movie-length.

The show might need those super-sized episodes. There are plenty of plotlines still in flux, and while the episodes may be longer than normal, it's been well-publicized that there are only seven episodes in the upcoming season and just six in the final season. Heck, some of us would watch 13 episodes just of Tyrion musing about wine, or Tormund making eyes at Brienne, or Little Lady Mormont rallying the troops. Long episodes, short episodes, bring 'em on.

Season 7 of "Game of Thrones" premieres July 16. 

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