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Felicia Day 'fell in love' with Spider-Man's Mary Jane Watson when she was a kid

Exclusive: Day highlights the character's classic redhead sassiness, as the actor looks forward to her debut on Marvel's Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, on Sunday.

Felicia Day's Mary Jane Watson will make her debut in this Sunday's episode of Marvel's Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, and in a new featurette, Day notes how aspirational the character was for her.

"I fell in love with her when I was a kid," the actor said. "She's always been sorta my dream character -- she has that redhead quality, where she's sassy, and I really like that."

The episode, entitled "Amazing Friends," will see Aunt May introducing Peter Parker to M.J. as a tiny Toddler Groot hangs around the Parker house. Guest-starring alongside M.J. will be Ironheart (also known as Riri Williams, played by Sofia Wylie) and Baron Mordo (Leonard Roberts).

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M.J. made her comic book debut in Amazing Spider-Man No. 42 back in 1966, after a long buildup, with the iconic line "Face it, Tiger. .. you just hit the jackpot!"

Since then, she's shown up in pretty much every medium Spidey's appeared in -- with Kirsten Dunst's portrayal in Sam Raimi's movie trilogy bringing the character to a wider audience. The Marvel Cinematic Universe's take on the character, played by Zendaya, is a little different in that M.J. stands for Michelle Jones, but she still gives Peter plenty of sass.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Maximum Venom consists of six hourlong specials, with Spidey and his allies battling an earth-shattering threat summoned to the planet by Venom. If you're looking to catch up on the show, the first two seasons are available to stream on Disney Plus.

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