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D&D Player's Handbook Is Under $20 for Prime Day

This is one of the cheapest prices you'll ever see for this essential rulebook.

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Adam Benjamin
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If this year's Dungeons & Dragons movie made you curious about trying some games of D&D, the Player's Handbook is currently a steal for Amazon Prime Day. The PHB (as it's usually abbreviated) is the most essential book for starting a D&D game, and you can get one for $18 right now. 

The PHB has everything you need to know about creating characters and running adventures. It walks you through choosing a race, class and background for your character, and it explains how to calculate and use stats and abilities. The book also explains the basics of adventures, including social interactions, magic and combat. A single Player's Handbook, a dungeon master and a group of willing players are the only things you need to run a D&D session. 

Another way to get started is to get the Dragons of Stormwreck Isle starter set, which gives everything you need to run a premade adventure for characters level 1 to level 3. It's just $14 for Prime Day, which is another great deal. The difference is that the Player's Handbook will give you everything you need to run much longer campaigns, but it doesn't lay out specific adventures for you.

If you enjoy the game, you can also check out our list of the best online D&D tools, which will give you additional ways to play with your group, even if you aren't able to meet for games in person.