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Catan, Pandemic, Game of Thrones and more: Cyber Monday deals on tabletop strategy games

Skip the screen for real-world tabletop gaming with holiday deals from Amazon, Walmart, ThinkGeek and other retailers on Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror and more.

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Big Huge Games

If you're not a tabletop gamer, chances are you know someone who is (even if they don't talk about it at the office). High-end, very complex board games are having a cultural moment of the kind not seen since the '70s/'80s heyday of Dungeons and Dragons. Tabletop gamers livestream on Twitch and YouTube, and many games follow the video game model of adding expansions, collectibles and even DLC (for their companion apps). 

Update Nov. 26, 9:40 p.m. ET:  ThinkGeek is offering 50 percent off nearly everything in its inventory for Cyber Monday if you use the code DOTCOM. There's a good pop culture games collection, including Monopoly sets in Klingon, Bob's Burgers, Nightmare Before Christmas, Guardians of the Galaxy and even Planet of the Apes flavors.

Many of the best Black Friday sales, including the $27 deals on the Fallout board game and Betrayal at House on the Hill, both at Amazon, sold out quickly. The original Catan is back at Amazon for an excellent $25. Some of our other favorite game deals are hanging on for Cyber Monday, along with a few new additions.

This is basically a lighthearted strategy game version of the old arcade classic Rampage. It's also on the less complex end of the spectrum, so younger gamers or anyone intimidated by some of the massively complex games below can get up and running quickly. Plus, this updated edition includes a giant Space Penguin monster.

The main Catan game was $25 or so for Black Friday, shot back up to $45 over the weekend, but is now back down to $25 on Amazon. It's a great deal on a great game, and one of the most mainstream strategy games around. 

One of the best-loved card-based modern tabletop games. I just ordered this from Amazon via this sale, so hit me up and we'll get a group going.

A great price for this cooperative people-vs-germs game (even if it was $19 for Black Friday). There are many, many sequels and expansions, but the original is still a great entry point. Also get the same price at Walmart

If you want something a little different than the original Catan, check out this offshoot of the popular exploration, settlement and trade game. Like chocolate and peanut butter (at least according to the old TV commercials), GoT and Catan seem like they'd go together well. 

A crime-solving game that has gotten a lot of good reviews, and it seems like a nice break from the usual fantasy dungeons and Lovecraftian horrors. 

This is real old-school miniature armies on a giant battlefield stuff. Not my scene, but looks like a nice package. Usually close to $100, this is a pretty steep discount

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