'Cocaine Bear' Trailer Just Dropped and It's Ferociously Wild

The breakout movie star of 2023 might just be a black bear on coke.

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Nina Raemont
Still from Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear is set for theatrical release on Feb. 24, 2023. 

Screenshot by Nina Raemont/CNET

Will 2023's biggest movie star be a black bear on cocaine? By the looks of it, maybe. Universal released the trailer for Cocaine Bear on Wednesday, and the movie looks chaotic, star-studded and fun. Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the flick is inspired by a true story that took place in the '80s. The bizarre thriller is set to hit theaters on Feb. 24, 2023.

Like other movies named after their beastly subjects (Snakes on a Plane, The Birds), the content here is fairly self-evident: It's a bear on coke. When a 500-pound black bear inadvertently consumes cocaine that fell from a helicopter, the beast embarks on a quest to kill anyone in sight and becomes addicted to the substance. The trailer is chaotic and exhilarating with hints of humor and absurdity -- it's a bear on cocaine, after all. 

In 1985, Andrew Thornton, a convicted drug smuggler and narcotics officer, dumped a duffel bag full of cocaine out of an airplane as he flew over Georgia, according to Variety. A 175-pound bear got ahold of it, and though the creature didn't become deadly after consuming it, the bear did end up overdosing and dying. 

Some notable actors in the Cocaine Bear cast include Goodfellas star Ray Liotta (who died in May) and Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson. It also includes three Star Wars actors: Alden Ehrenreich from Solo, Keri Russell from The Rise of Skywalker and O'Shea Jackson Jr. from Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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