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Ted Lasso Shares Encouraging Words With US World Cup Players

TV's favorite soccer coach is doling out some kindness in the hometowns of US men's soccer team players ahead of the competition.

A yellow billboard with an encouraging message written for Kellyn Acosta by Ted Lasso
"You're Kellyn it." Ted Lasso has some words of encouragement for midfielder Kellyn Acosta of Plano, Texas, 
Apple TV Plus

Just in time for the World Cup, well wishes and words of encouragement written by TV's favorite soccer coach -- or football coach for those across the pond-- are popping up in the hometowns of US men's soccer team players.  

Apple TV Plus' encouragement for Team USA, which hasn't qualified for the event since 2014, is written in the warm, folksy tone of Ted Lasso. Fans of Lasso, and the World Cup, can find the messages on full-size billboards all over the country, from St. Louis and Seattle to San Diego and Pico Rivera, Calif. They're showing up in all kinds of places, from downtown areas to the side of a rural barn to a player's high school alma mater in Park Ridge, New York. The messages will also appear in local newspapers, Apple TV Plus says. 

A billboard in San Diego reads "Luca de la Torrific." 

Apple TV Plus

The billboards have a mustard yellow background and a blue font and offer kind messages to Coach Gregg Berhalter, and to team members, signed by Ted Lasso himself. One billboard, directed to midfielder Luca de la Torre from San Diego, calls the player "Luca de la Torrific" and muses on other legendary figures who hail from the city. 

"I'm no scientist or San Diego-ist, but my studies show this city's about to crank up the happy once you stroll onto soccer's biggest stage. You're gonna give them something to smile about from the top of the podium," the rest of the billboard reads. 

"You're gonna have those fellas on the other teams shaq'in in their boots," reads an Atlanta billboard for Team USA defender Shaq Moore.  

Apple TV Plus

The Apple TV Plus series debuted in 2020 to widespread popularity and critical acclaim. Ted Lasso won best comedy at this year's Emmy Awards for the second year in a row, and received a total of 11 Emmy wins. Writer and series star Brett Goldstein said that the series is expected to come to a close after its third season.

The World Cup starts Sunday and goes through Dec. 18. Teams from 32 countries will compete.