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Boyd Holbrook Discusses His Film 'Vengeance' and New Series 'The Sandman'

The Narcos actor also dishes on his obsession with meditation and the search for life elsewhere in the universe.

Boyd Holbrook and B. J. Novack look off-frame
Boyd Holbrook (left) and B.J. Novack star in the new comedy-thriller Vengeance.
Patti Perret/Focus Features

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Boyd Holbrook has been a force on-screen for years, with roles in films like Logan, Milk, Gone Girl and The Predator. But you probably know him best from his wry and compelling portrayal of DEA agent Steve Murphy in the Netflix series Narcos. Holbrook, who got his start as a model, is having a banner week. First, he's in the new film Vengeance, which is written and directed by Office-alum B.J. Novak and also stars Ashton Kusher and Issa Rae. The comedy-thriller marks Novak's debut as a filmmaker.

Next, Holbrook is also in the new Netflix series The Sandman, which drops Aug. 5. The show is based on the Neil Gaiman comic book. Holbrook plays The Corinthian, who in the comic wears sunglasses because he doesn't have eyes.

I got to talk with Holbrook on CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast just ahead of the premiere for Vengeance. In the film, he plays Ty Shaw, whose sister's death ignites a hunt for the murderer. A journalist (played by Novack), who also hooked up with Shaw's sister, travels to West Texas to investigate her death and uses the opportunity to create a podcast that documents everything. Novack wears multiple hats on the film, which Holbrook found impressive.

"It's incredibly inspiring, because every film you're on, it really does trickle down from the top. If the number one on the call sheet is not pulling his weight or enthusiastic about showing up to work, then everybody else doesn't or feels that way," said Holbrook. "So somebody like B.J. who's doing all this? It's inspiring. It makes you think you can do it. And I think that's where dreams begin."

Vengeance is currently in theaters. You can listen to my entire interview with Holbrook in the podcast player above. During our conversation he describes the exhilarating moment the trailer for The Sandman debuted at Comic-Con, his obsession with meditation, and the advice he got from a Rumi poem.

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