Bob's Burgers: The Movie is still on for 2020

After reports got fans concerned, lettuce be clear. The Belchers are still cooking up a movie for next summer.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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The Belchers and their burgers are coming to a theater near you.


Here's some information to relish. The Bob's Burgers movie is still on the way, despite some reports Monday that stoked fan concern. A representative for Disney confirmed that Bob's Burgers -- The Movie, featuring the restaurant-running Belchers of the Fox animated series, will still be opening in theaters on July 17, 2020. As Linda Belcher herself would say, "All right!"

The confusion seems to have stemmed from a list of movie titles and dates sent out by Disney on Monday that was incomplete and did not include Bob's Burgers -- The Movie, as well as the Star Wars/Avatar films coming from 2024-2027. The studio later sent out a corrected version, but some fans and writers had already picked up on Bob's Burgers missing.

One fan on Twitter went straight to the top, asking Bob's Burgers creator Loren Bouchard what gives.

"Please tell us what's going on with the movie ... there's a lot of heartbroken belchies out there right now," the fan wrote. He responded, "Fear not," although with no extra detail.

As we note in our roundup of details about the movie, July 17, 2020 has been the set release date for the Bob's Burgers movie for some time. Back in June, actor John Roberts, who voices Linda, told Aesthetic Magazine he thought the release date would be "a little later than they announced," although the studio still has the July 17, 2020 date as of Monday's schedule.

Bob and Linda Belcher run a beach town burger restaurant with their three quirky kids, Tina, Gene, and Louise. Bouchard tweeted in February that the film will explain the origin of Louise's ever-present pink bunny ears, and voice actor Roberts says the film will be "very musical," as many Bob's Burgers episodes are.

Fans were relieved to hear Bouchard say the movie is still coming. "Good to hear," wrote one. "Was quite concerned when it was reported to have been removed from schedule."

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