Winnie the Pooh Horror Movie 'Blood and Honey' Ends Badly For Eeyore, oh Bother

The adorable bear has only been in the public domain a few months and he's already eaten Eeyore. Nobody tell Disney.

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Scary figures wearing piglet and bear masks creep up on a woman in a hot tub.

Piglet and Winnie the Pooh seek out blood and honey, but mostly blood.

Jagged Edge Productions

Someone has made a Winnie the Pooh horror movie. It's called Blood and Honey, and the first images suggest these versions of Winnie and Piglet are a bit darker than you remember.

Rhys Frake-Waterfield wrote and directed the scary flick, which stars Amber Doig-Thorne, Maria Taylor and Chris Cordell as Piglet. The low budget teen slasher-esque film from UK-based Jagged Edge Productions was shot in England and tells the story of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet turning feral after Christopher Robin goes off to college. In an interview with Variety, the director explained that Pooh and Piglet look for human prey after eating Eeyore. 

After a huge amount of attention for the flick, the director says the film is being rushed through post-production. We'll keep an eye out for a release date, out of morbid curiosity if nothing else.

How is this possible? You'll no doubt recognize the animated version of the lovable bear seen in Disney cartoons. But the original 1926 source novel by A.A. Milne entered the public domain at the start of this year. Pooh is now like Sherlock Holmes or Robin Hood: As long as you don't use elements of the story or character owned or added by Disney since 1961, you can make your own stories featuring the adorable kids' favorite. And make it as scary as you like, why not.

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