CNET UK Podcast 237: Tech tragedies and business blunders

The PlayStation Network hackathon and Android security hole in the news this week have us pondering the worst tech disasters of all time, from the red ring of death to antennagate.

Flora Graham
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Two weeks ago we took Sony apart for getting hacked to pieces. Now it's apparently been hacked yet again. It just goes to show you can never guarantee your service or product will never have a problem. So, to make Sony feel a little bit better about itself, we discuss the biggest tech PR fails ever, from the red ring of death to antennagate.


In a show about popular brands, the BBC has claimed that Apple stimulates your brain's religious responses. Will we see some religious hysteria this week when the Apple Store turns 10 with a mysterious opening?

Almost unbelievably, the PlayStation Network has been hacked again.

Privacy and security is dominating the news at the moment, with an Android phone data leak.

It's -- nearly -- the end of an era as the Space Shuttle Endeavour went into space for the final time this week. Endeavour carried a 7-tonne, $2bn cosmic ray detector to the International Space Station. 

In other news, It's Silver Surfer week, celebrating online oldies, and an Israeli couple named their baby Like, after the Facebook button.


Flora: FishPhone

Rich: Lockitron lets you unlock any door with your phone

Luke: BeBook Live

Plus: a special, one-time-only live appearance by Judgement Daisy!


Will the PlayStation Network hack and the Android security hole live forever in infamy as great tech PR disasters? We stack them up against some of the greatest business blunders and tech tragedies to find out -- and ask why some companies can bounce back from a major fail, while for others, it's the last nail in the coffin.

Our list of ultimate tech fails includes:


In Feedback this week
We all wrote tech haiku poems
By your command, peeps.

We also compare gadgets to frisbees, and decide which is the biggest fail -- the HTC Flyer or the BlackBerry PlayBook?


Train passenger arrested for 16-hour phone conversation in quiet carriage.