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Baby named Like after Facebook button gets thumbs-up

Israeli parents Lior and Vardit Adler garnered a chorus of Likes when they named their newborn daughter after the Facebook button.

The birth of a child is a happy occasion -- worthy, in fact, of a Like. Israeli parents Lior and Vardit Adler garnered a chorus of Likes when they presented their newborn daughter to their Facebook friends. The baby's name? Like.

The BBC reports that the proud parents wanted a name that was "modern and innovative", so they chose to saddle bless little Like with a name that evoked the Facebook approval button.

The Like button is the little thumbs-up that shows you approve of stuff posted on Facebook or that you've seen around the Web, like this article. We were going to say 'such as this article', but we wrote 'like this article' instead to see if it worked as a subliminal command.

The Like button is especially handy if you want to show approval without churning out some banality as a comment. And you can even Like things in the real world with a Likify code or a special bracelet.

Facebook-inspired baby names are all the rage. Earlier this year, an Egyptian family named their baby 'Facebook' to celebrate the social network's role in January's revolution. Perhaps in 20 years time everyone will be named after their favourite social network!

If nominative determinism -- the theory that your name influences your life -- kicks in, little miss Like should turn out to be a pretty upbeat lass, her friend Twitter won't stop talking, her mate Google will be an insufferable know-all -- and nobody will wants to hang round with young MySpace.

Technology has inspired some of the craziest baby names in the world of celebrity. Tennis player Arthur Ashe named his baby Camera, Frank Zappa spaced out his child with the name Moon Unit, and My Name is Earl star Jason Lee's son has to say, "My name is Pilot Inspektor." And of course, there's Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's anklebiter Apple.

The Adlers enjoy simpler things, too: Like's big sister is called Pie.

Would you name your nipper 'Like'? How about 'Poke', 'Tweet' or 'Zuckerberg'? Name names in the comments, and as always, if you like this story, 'like' it.