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CNET UK Podcast 235: For Your Eyes Sony

As Sony deals with the fallout of a daring cyber heist, we're joined by GameSpot's Jane Douglas to figure out what went wrong. Plus we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Call the cops! There's been a great game robbery. To discuss how Sony fell prey to cyber-thieves, regular podders Rich Trenholm and Luke Westaway are joined by GameSpot UK's Jane Douglas. Wiping the last traces of bank holiday lethargy from our minds, we take a look at the latest gadget news and try out the latest kit, including the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 2


The week was dominated by Sony's data breach, but there's better news as Spotify does away with iTunes, Android gets in touch with its feminine side with the HTC Bliss -- a phone aimed at women -- and we contemplate the rollercoaster ride that is BlackBerry World.


Our enigmatic gadget evaluator Judgement Dave may have faded into the shadows, but someone has to decide which is the best Crave -- so we've recruited the equally shadowy Judgement Dale to make this week's momentous decision.

Will Judgement Dale agree with Luke that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the Alpha Wolf of smart phones, or support Rich gamifying the beautiful game with the Heineken Star Player app and the life-levelling EpicWin? Or will Judgement Dale join Jane contemplating mortality with the Facebook box, a concept design by Steven Murray that enshrines your Facebook legacy when you shuffle off this mortal coil.


In our feature we discuss the Sony snafu that's seen the personal and financial details of more than 100 million people stolen in a daring cyber heist. How was online protest group Anonymous involved, has Sony done enough to make it up to users, and can we ever really trust big corporations? These are just some of the hard questions we face up to so you don't have to.


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