Android fanboys rage at Microsoft's Droid Rage hype

In pushing its Windows Phone 8, Microsoft turns to Twitter to ask for examples of Droid Rage -- rage at Android malware. Androiders turn the account upside down.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Oh, goodness. And he works for Google. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Microsoft has been bestially competitive of late.

It has gnashed its teeth, thrust out its limbs, and accused most of its rivals of being little more than mice.

It has called Google "Scroogle" and called IE haters sad.

And it has sent its cohorts out into the world to prove that iPhones and their Android counterparts are nothing but slugs.

But all this fit hissing sometimes has side effects.

One of Microsoft's latest aggressive stances was to use its Windows Phone Twitter account to ask whether people were suffering from DroidRage.

Should you be unaware of this malady, it consists of rabid palpitations at the sight of Android malware.

So Microsoft requested: "Do you have an Android malware horror story? Reply with #DroidRage with your best/worst story and we may have a get-well present for you."

You will be stunned into the stupor of a reality show contestant when I tell you what happened next.

Angry much? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The equally rabid Android herds stampeded toward this account in order to stamp their own authority upon it.

For example, a tweeter called Chris DiBona offered: "Wanna see what Flop Sweat looks like? Follow: @windowsphone."  Chris DiBona was defending his turf. He is Google's sirector of Open Source.

Bill Pollock, for example, hissed: "I guess we'll have to finally release The Art of Writing Windows Malware. But the book might be too long to bind. #DroidRage."

Or this from Nat Schey: "How about this Microsoft: i use my droid razr because i like to. I use my windows pc because i have to. Hows that for #DroidRage?"

You'll have already leaped far ahead of me. So let me catch up and tell you that, yes, a new hashtag was created.

Would you fathom that is was called #WindowsRage?

As I just looked at this hashtag, a brave Windows Phone ad was at the top. Beneath, though, were snipings such as: " once thought about writing malware for a @windowsphone but then I thought, aren't they suffering enough? #DroidRage #WindowsRage."

This came from Mohammed Tarakiyee.

And so everyone is now raging. Everyone now has malware. And everyone's systems are utterly appalling.

Yes, it's just another day in the tech (in)firmament.