BMW i8 Roadster looks better than ever

The BMW i8 was never designed to be a roadster, but it sure does look pretty topless.
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Henry Catchpole mugshot
Henry Catchpole

Henry is an award-winning and alarmingly hirsute motoring journalist who now stands in front of the camera for Carfection. He's driven pretty much every supercar in existence, often on some of the world's most beautiful roads. Yes, we hate him too. He also rallies a Mk2 Escort and is happy to chat about bicycles.

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Charlie Rose
Senior Producer

Charlie Rose is our senior producer. If he's not working on Carfection's latest film you'll probably find him driving on the country roads of Southern England.

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George Peck
Video Producer / Carfection

George Peck works as a Carfection video producer. He spends most of his free time at the side of the road, in the pouring rain, trying to nurse his MGB back to life.

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Drew Stearne
Executive Producer / Roadshow

Drew Stearne heads up the Carfection team and is the Executive Producer for Roadshow. For over 10 years Drew has been producing video content on technology, video games and entertainment but now spends his days looking at, talking about, or indeed driving, fast cars.