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A great system for people looking to get started in the exciting world of home cinema, but who don't have an excess of space and thousands of pounds to spend

Thomson DTI 6300-16

A good quality Freeview PVR that will satisfy the needs of most people and offers decent value for money -- the 160GB hard drive will fill up quickly, though

TVonics DVR-FP250

A good PVR that offers lots of features -- albeit at a price -- but good picture quality will appeal to people looking for a PVR to go with their flat-panel TV

BT Vision

If you're already a BT broadband customer and you don't have a PVR, this is an absolute bargain -- and the on-demand content is simply a bonus. But if you're with a different ISP this isn't worth switching for, and despite a lovely interface, its content just can't compare with Sky or Virgin Media

Panasonic DMR-EX77

A simple but very useful DVD and Freeview PVR that offers great upscaling performance for DVDs and has plenty of space to record TV programmes from Freeview

Evesham iplayer

The Evesham iplayer promises a lot but at too high a price. The ability to playback MPEG-4 video from a memory stick is impressive, and the HDMI out is always a welcome replacement for Scart in a high-definition world, however, for that price we'd like to see a second Freeview tuner

Philips DVP5960

Philips' DVP5960 is an astonishingly affordable player that uses integrated video upscaling to improve the quality of your existing DVD collection -- it's worth every penny, and more

Sharp TU-R160H

Sharp's TU-R160H is a standard twin tuner recorder that does what it says on the box. It's easy to use and effective but light on features and the design appears to have been borrowed from a budget model

Goodmans GHD8015F

Goodman's GHD8015F is the most competitively priced dual-tuner PVR we've seen. There's only an 80GB hard drive, but good standard performance for the price makes it easy to ignore compromises elsewhere

Pioneer DVR-540HX

Pioneer's DVR-540HX features an impressive specification with user-friendly functionality and fine recording performance -- but an ordinary design and average DVD playback mean there are some better alternatives

Sony SVR-S500

Sony's SVR-S500 is an excellent, if slightly expensive, 80GB PVR that features a pair of integrated TV tuners for simultaneous watching and recording. If you can ignore some functionality flaws then recording and playback performance is outstanding


JVC's DR-MH3000 is flexible and functional with tonnes of features. If it wasn't for the absence of an integrated Freeview tuner the specification would compete with the class leaders, but if you can find it for under £300 it's well worth your wages

Humax HDCI-2000

It's been a while since we've had so much fun getting a product to work. The HDCI-2000 is a great bit of kit that will pique your interest in how satellites and HDTV work. There's not much to watch at the moment, but we'll bet on that changing soon

Liteon LVW-5055

The Liteon LVW-5055 is an excellent way of getting high-end features for a budget price -- equivalent-specced Panasonic and Sony models cost nearly twice as much. The catch is that Liteon's editing system isn't as simple to use and the remote control leaves much to be desired. But the range of features and AV performance still make the LVW-5055 a great DVD recorder

Panasonic DMR-EH60D

At last! A DVD/hard-drive recorder with integrated Freeview tuner. It's the centre of your AV setup in one box. Like most pioneering technology, the essential purchase will likely come with the follow-up -- the EH60D doesn't have dual tuners and can't even play DivX movies. But it's a solid AV performer with great recording features, and the convenience of the setup makes it a recommended purchase

Humax PVR-9200T

The Humax PVR-9200T is the Rolls Royce of Freeview recording, with every feature we could possibly ask of a recorder in addition to a massive hard drive. It's a winner against Panasonic's recorder on price, plus it's pure simplicity to use. If you need a recorder suited to the demands of a power user and the rest of the family, this is it

Toshiba SD-350E

If you've recently bought an LCD TV (such as Toshiba's own 32WL56) and have little cash left over, then the SD-350E is a good investment. It upsamples DVD video to high-definition resolution, improving the detail on the TVs we tested it with. It's actually better over analogue component video than digital HDMI and it's missing some connections on the rear, but it's still worth the asking price

Sony RDR-HX510

If you like to retain quality when recording to DVD, then the RDR-HX510 is for you, because you can now record that 2-hour movie in the highest quality to a dual-layer DVD. This extra functionality doesn't cost too much over Sony's previous recorders, but to make a perfect model Sony needs to add Freeview and a larger hard drive over this model's 80GB

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