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Trump to meet with Google’s Sundar Pichai, other tech execs, report says

Who's invited? Big internet and social media companies and people "dissatisfied with those companies," says a White House adviser.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is on the guest list.
James Martin/CNET

Tech execs may once again be headed to Washington.

President Donald Trump plans to hold a meeting at the White House with tech industry executives, likely later this month, economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Tuesday, according to Reuters. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has reportedly committed to attending.

"We're going to have a little conference -- the president will preside over it -- we will have big internet companies, big social media companies, search companies," Kudlow said, according to Reuters. "And some who are dissatisfied with those companies."

It's unclear what exactly Trump's conference will focus on, but the meeting comes after executives from tech giants have already testified before the Senate and the House several times this year. Most recently, Apple, Amazon and Twitter testified before a Senate committee on Sept. 26 regarding consumer data privacy. Facebook, Google and Twitter were summoned to testify before Congress earlier in September regarding social media bias and foreign interference in US elections, although Google didn't show up. Facebook, Google and Twitter also testified before the House Judiciary Committee in July regarding alleged political bias and efforts to block social media content.

Neither the White House nor Google immediately responded to a request for comment. 

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