This Day in Tech: Explosion at iPad factory, CNET visits Maker Faire

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Monday, May 23.

Boonsri Dickinson
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Boonsri Dickinson
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Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Monday, May 23:

Foxconn: No delays in iPad supply after explosion
Production was suspended at Foxconn factory in China, pending investigation into last week's explosion that killed three people. More

An image from Apple's Supplier Responsibility 2011 Progress Report. Apple

B&N gets set to launch new Nook (live blog)
Barnes & Noble will be showing off a new Nook Tuesday morning. Get the full skinny in real time as we live blog the unveiling. More

Spying elite toys at the Cannes Film Festival
This epicenter for international cinema is also gathering point for elite global wealth and the perfect spot for companies to lay out their highest-end attractions. More

Dry-All sucks the water out of wet smartphones
The sploosh your smartphone makes when it hits the water doesn't have to be the last sound it ever hears. Dry-All's Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit uses a heavy-duty dehumidifier to dry out wet phones in six hours. More

Apple ratchets up its retail game (roundup)
At the start of its second decade as a brick-and-mortar retailer, Apple finds a new use for its iPads. More

Can't be bothered? AirRun perfect for lazybones
When you're too lazy to do anything yourself, AirRun hooks you up with people eager to make a buck. More

Is SeizeTheDay the best iOS to-do list app?
SeizeTheDay could be the best if you prize simplicity and a price tag of zero. This slick little app doesn't sync with anything, but it does track your tasks and remind you to do them. More

New gadget gives 360-degree view to iPhone videos
Launched by Kogeto, the new attachment known as Dot enables iPhone users to take 360-degree videos without moving or rotating their phones. More

2012 Toyota Prius V first drive
Toyota is almost ready to put the larger Prius V on sale. This new car offers excellent fuel economy along with new cabin electronics. More

Video: Next refresh: MacBook Air
We have more details about the revamped MacBook Air. The next iPhone might be called the 4S and it doesn't look like LTE will be a part of it. Plus, Brian learns why he should just leave cats alone. Watch the video

Salesforce.com to build social network for Toyota
For Salesforce, the Toyota partnership highlights how the company could use Saleforce Chatter to offer private label networks. More

Happy hackers at Maker Faire 2011 (photos)
A diverse mix of science, engineering, design, and art--with everything from robots to knitting to exploding soda to steam rollers--Maker Faire is an otherworldly celebration of the creative impulse. More

Loaded: Explosion at iPad factory
Sony's Web sites keep getting hacked, Mozilla releases Firefox 5 beta, and an explosion at a factory where iPads are made kills three workers. Watch video