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Dry-All sucks the water out of wet smartphones

The sploosh your smartphone makes when it hits the water doesn't have to be the last sound it ever hears. Dry-All's Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit uses a heavy-duty dehumidifier to dry out wet phones in six hours.

Dry-All smartphone drying kit
Who'll stop the rain? Dry-All will give it a shot. Dry-All

Oh, that sinking feeling as you watch your cell phone take a plunge into a pool, puddle, toilet bowl, or ocean. Don't panic. All is not lost. We've already shared a how-to on drying out your soaked phone with methods ranging from rice to silica packets.

Phone dunking is a common enough problem that Dry-All has now released kits for removing the liquid from your precious communications companion.

Most drying methods can take between 24 and 72 hours. Dry-All shortens that up a bit with a 6-hour dry time for the Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit. That will get you back to your important LOL text messages and zombie-killing apps much faster than usual.

The kit uses Dry-All's proprietary Blue Bead Technology, a dehumidifier originally developed way back in 1964 for keeping safes and military equipment dry. Little did it know that its future destiny would be to save us from our gadget clumsiness.

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Until someone develops water wings for phones that puff out like air bags at the first drop of water, the Dry-All emergency kit will have to do. The $30 kit claims a 100 percent success rate when all instructions are followed. That includes not touching any buttons and immediately removing the battery (or turning off your iPhone). Towel it dry, pop it in the Dry-All case, and give it some time.

The kit can be used up to five times. Of course, if you manage to drown your phone that often, you should probably scrutinize your behavior around pools and other sources of water.