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Samsung store catches fire a day before Galaxy S8 announcement

The cause of the fire has yet to be revealed, but no casualties were reported.

Zoey Chong Reporter
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Zoey Chong
Watch this: Samsung store catches fire -- right before Galaxy S8 reveal

A Samsung outlet in Singapore caught fire this morning, causing neighbouring shops in the mall to close temporarily for safety and cleaning, reports Channel News Asia.

It's not the first time Samsung has had trouble with fires. The company had to kill the Note 7 line following two recalls after reports of the phones exploding into flames last year. Its washing machines were also defective, and could have exploded, forcing the company to also recall the products citing "injury risks." The two incidents have led to backlash from Samsung customers.

"We were alerted to a fire at the Samsung Experience Store at AMK Hub in the early hours of Tuesday morning before store opening hours," the South Korean phone manufacturer confirmed in a statement today.

"The fire was extinguished by water sprinklers in the store and no one was injured during the incident. We are currently assessing the property damage and working closely with the authorities to determine the cause of the fire."

The store will remain temporarily closed while investigations are ongoing, says Samsung.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy S8 tomorrow -- hopefully the new phones won't go up in flames too.

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