Nancy Pelosi confirms Apple CEO Tim Cook called her about antitrust legislation

The speaker of the House says she told the Apple boss to express his concerns as Congress "works its will."

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Nancy Pelosi had a conversation with Tim Cook about upcoming antitrust legislation.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed on Thursday that she had spoken with Apple CEO Tim Cook about his concerns regarding antitrust legislation that's being debated by US lawmakers.

At a press conference, Pelosi said that she told Cook he should make his views clear to legislators as the bills, which constitute the most sweeping reform of US antitrust law in decades, continue through the process.

"If you have a substantive concern, put it forth as Congress works its will," Pelosi said she told Cook. The conversation had been earlier reported by The New York Times.

Cook told Pelosi and other members of Congress that the bills were rushed, according to the Times. He reportedly said the legislation would hurt innovation and ultimately consumers by disrupting iPhone services.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.