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Microsoft Touch Mouse to get a feel for Windows 8 gestures

Beyond unveiling new hardware, the company will update its existing Touch Mouse to take advantage of Windows 8.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Microsoft is sprucing up its Touch Mouse to give upcoming Windows 8 users a helping hand.

Both the Touch Mouse and the Explorer Touch Mouse already support horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. So users who upgrade to Windows 8 can continue to use both devices just as they are.

But Microsoft is unveiling a new set of gestures designed specifically to help you navigate your way around Windows 8. Tapping into the new gestures will be a matter of downloading Microsoft's new Device Center, a program that can take full advantage of your mouse and keyboard in the upcoming new OS.

Currently available as a beta for the Windows 8 Release Preview, Device Center will let you control the speed and acceleration of vertical scrolling.

But as detailed by The Verge, it will also support one-finger swiping to scroll up and down, a two-finger movement to manage apps and display the Charms bar, a three-finger movement to zoom in and out of the screen, and even a thumb gesture to move forward and backward from one app to another.

Windows 8 has been criticized by some PC users who say the new Metro interface doesn't lend itself well to mouse and keyboard. Updating the Touch Mouse and releasing new mice and keyboards is the company's attempt to help computer and tablet users feel equally at home in the new environment.