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Microsoft bids adieu to CES

<b style="color:#900;">week in review</b> Microsoft says little in CES finale, while Protect IP Act faces revision. Also: Twitter slams Google+.

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week in review As promised, Microsoft delivered its final opening keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show--and had little to say.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did a lot of shouting and talking, but didn't say anything too substantive in his final keynote address, opting instead to run through a number of its upcoming--but previously announced--projects, from Windows Phone to Windows 8. The company, however, did say it would bring the Xbox 360 peripheral Kinect to Windows on February 1, and Ballmer said the motion-sensor device has sold 18 million units, offering up just that little nugget.

Microsoft, which has been a mainstay attraction at the show, announced in December that the 2012 CES would be its last as opening keynote presenter and a floor exhibitor.
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CES Video
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But Microsoft wasn't the only attraction in town. Intel took the wraps off its plans to get its chips into smartphones and tablets this year, announcing deals with Lenovo and Motorola. And Dell introduced a new ultrabook on the way that makes use of aluminum and carbon fiber.

But perhaps the most unusual keynote was delivered by Dish, which announced a new DVR system and high-speed satellite broadband service. The company brought a real live kangaroo on stage to help promote "Hopper," a new multiroom DVR that, with the help of "Joey" units, will let people watch recorded programs on TVs throughout their house.
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Sen. Leahy bows to pressure, pledges to amend Protect IP bill

Patrick Leahy, the author of the controversial Protect IP Act, has bowed to public pressure and will delete the sections dealing with DNS blocking.
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Twitter to Google: You broke the Internet!

Twitter complains that Google's move to personalize search using Google+ is "bad" for the Internet. Of course, its own ox is being gored.
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Amazon casts flattering light on UltraViolet

UltraViolet, the digital-locker effort supported by most of the major film studios, chalked up a big day at CES by announcing deals with Amazon and Samsung. Questions still linger about why UV has appeared to struggle to attract movie distributors.
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Microsoft expects analysts' projections for PC market to decline

Microsoft's investor chief warns that PC shipments may be lower than analyst expectations due to flooding in Thailand, Bloomberg reports.
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Will tablets eventually replace laptops?

A new study suggests that almost half of all Americans believe tablets will replace laptops. But some of its other findings might surprise you.
•  Toshiba plans to bring 13.3-inch tablet to U.S. market
•  Dell plans to re-enter tablet market in late 2012

Apple to host January 19 'education event' in New York

The company sends out invites today, teasing an "education announcement in the Big Apple" for Thursday. Could it be a textbook partnership?
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China Internet users top half a billion, many more to go

The number of Internet users in China is growing rapidly, according to the China Internet Network Information Center. However, the country's penetration rate is still at just 37.7 percent.
•  iPhone 4S approved for use on China Telecom network
•  Angry mob hurls eggs at Apple's tardy Beijing store

Facebook inserts ads into users' news feeds

Ads that were once relegated as "sponsored" stories on the right side of users' Facebook home pages are now labeled "featured" and being included within their news feeds.
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