JVC adds 7 CD receivers to its 2009 lineup

JVC brings in the New Year with not one, not two, but seven new CD receivers for its 2009 mobile entertainment product line.

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JVC KD-R900 CD receiver
JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC rings in the New Year with not one, not two, but seven new CD receivers for its 2009 mobile entertainment product line.

JVC Mobile's new flagship KD-R900 In-Dash CD Receiver has two USB 2.0 ports (one front and one rear) for connection to an iPod, an iPhone, USB flash memory drives, digital audio players, portable HDD devices, or any two devices simultaneously. The KD-R900 also features hands-free Bluetooth phone calling and A2DP wireless audio streaming capability via an included USB Bluetooth adapter and high-quality external wired microphone. This adapter operates as a fully functional receiver, transmitter, and antenna for Bluetooth and plugs into either of the KD-R900's USB ports. Users are given the option of controlling their iPod/iPhone using either the in-dash receiver's controls or the controls on the device itself to make music selections, thanks to a full-speed two-way iPod control feature. The list of features is rounded out with a front aux input, flip-down detachable faceplate, and an LCD screen with variable-color illumination which is capable of over 30,000 customizable colors to match most vehicles' interior illumination hues. The unit is also HD Radio Ready, Satellite Radio Ready, and MP3/WMA compatible. The KD-R900 features a three-band parametric iEQ, wireless remote, MOS-FET 50Wx4, and 5V front, rear, and subwoofer preoutputs with subwoofer control. The receiver is available in March 2009 with an MSRP of $269.95.

At the next level, the KD-R800 CD Receiver features many of the same features as the top-tier KD-R900, with the exception of the full-speed two-way iPod/iPhone control. The KD-R800 receiver is available in February with an MSRP of $219.95.

JVC will be installing the KD-HDR50 at the Car Tech CES booth. JVC Mobile Entertainment

The KD-HDR50 CD Receiver distinguishes itself with a built-in HD Radio tuner with multicasting and iTunes Tagging capability. Of course, like any good iTunes Tagging head unity, the USB 2.0 iPod control is in full effect. The unit doesn't include, but is compatible with, the USB Bluetooth adapter and is satellite radio ready. The KD-HDR50 steps up to a seven-band iEQ and is should shipping in January 2009 at an MSRP of $179.95. Also new for 2009 is the very similar KD-HDR20, which has many of the same features, with the exception of iPod control and iTunes Tagging, and it should cost for $139.95 and ship at the same time as the KD-HDR50.

The KD-R600 CD Receiver features a USB 2.0 connection with two-way control and charging for iPod/iPhone. The unit is ready for Bluetooth adapter, satellite radio ready, HD Radio ready, and has MP3/WMA playback capability for an MSRP of $159.95. The KD-R300 reduces the MSRP to $119.95 at the expense of the integrated iPod control. Finally, the entry level $99.95 KD-R200 is a basic unit that loses the flexibility of adding external modules. All three units feature a three-band iEQ, wireless remote, MOS-FET 50Wx4, and variable-color illumination display (KD-R200 features fixed color illumination).

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