iPod Nano watch gets facelift

Doubling as a watch thanks to special bands created by iWatchz and other companies, the iPod Nano now has 16 new clock faces to choose from, along with a fitness tracker.

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iPod Nano watch wearers can now 'mickey' around with 16 new clock faces.
iPod Nano watch wearers can now 'mickey' around with 16 new clock faces. Apple

Apple has created a series of new clock faces for people who wear their iPod Nanos as watches.

The mini music player can double as a watch thanks to special bands designed by iWatchZ, Lunatik, and other vendors. iWatchZ offers a variety of iPod Nano watch bands ranging in price from $25 to $90, while Lunatik's bands run from $40 to $100.

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To kick off the 2011 iPod Nano revealed at yesterday's launch event, Apple is offering 16 new faces for a total of 18 choices for watch wearers. The lineup of new faces varies from Kermit the Frog to Mickey Mouse to traditional analog to more modern digital styles. The new watch faces are included with the new iPod Nanos so owners can change from one to another depending on their mood.

The 2011 Nano also comes with a new fitness center that can track your workout. The device's built-in accelerometer offers feedback on your exercise regimen. Tapping into the Nike+ program, you can hook up the Nano to your PC and upload your results to the Nike+ Web site to set up your training program and keep track of your progress. Those of you working out at the gym can also connect the Nano to a Nike + iPod-compatible machine.

Beyond the software enhancements, the 2011 iPod Nano is physically the same as last year's model. But Apple has trimmed the prices, selling the 8GB version for $129 (down from $149 last year) and the 16GB model for $149 (down from $179 last year).