Apple's iPod lineup (2011)

Take a tour of Apple's 2011 iPod lineup, including a new iPod Nano and iPod Touch.

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Photo of the Apple iPod Touch.
Will Apple's latest iPod Touch measure up to the iPod's legacy? Josh P. Miller/CNET

Apple has announced its 2011 line of updated iPods, including updated versions of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The updated iPod Nano goes on sale today; the new iPod Touch goes on sale October 12. The iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle will remain unchanged.

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iPod Touch

The 2011 iPod Touch design is seemingly unchanged from last year, but will now be available in white in addition to black. Pricing for the base model has dropped from $229 to $199 (8GB), but higher capacity models are still priced at $299 (32GB), and $399 (64GB).

The iPod Touch retains all of the features from the 2010 iPod Touch, including the newly added front and rear camera, gyroscope, integrated microphone, FaceTime support, and Retina Display.

The new iPod Touch will benefit from Apple's iOS 5 software update, making it the least expensive entry point to iOS. With iOS 5, users will have access to new features such as iCloud, lock screen notifications, PC-free sync, and more.

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iPod Nano

iPod Nano photo
Apple's 2011 iPod Nano has a nearly identical design as last year's model. Josh Miller

The 2011 iPod Nano keeps the same clip-on, touch-screen design as the 2010 model, but receives a series of software improvements. Pricing is slightly lower, starting at $129 (8GB) and $149 (16GB), down from $149 (8GB) and $179 (16GB).

Everything from the last iPod Nano is still here, including support for music, podcasts, FM radio, photos, Genius Playlists, audiobooks, stopwatch and a pedometer. The most notable changes are the inclusion of 16 new clock face designs, and a new interface that allows you to swipe between single apps instead of viewing them on a grid.

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iPod Shuffle

This year's iPod Shuffle seems entirely unchanged from last year's design; $49 will get you a 2GB model in one of five colors. You get the classic big-button design, as well as Voice Over navigation.

iPod Classic

Apple will continue to sell the hard drive-based iPod Classic in two colors (silver and black), priced at $249 (160GB).