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iPad with Retina Display makes $399 comeback, knocks out iPad 2

Apple's finally discontinued its ancient iPad 2, replacing it with last year's fourth-gen Retina iPad.

Back once again with the retina iPad.
Josh Miller/CNET

Apple tweaked its iPad lineup Tuesday morning, bringing back the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display in place of the elderly iPad 2.

Available with only 16GB of storage, the comeback tablet is listed on Apple's US Web site either with just Wi-Fi for $399, or with Wi-Fi and cellular for $529. Consumers can choose between models from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Apple CEO Tim Cook canned the Retina-enabled iPad last year when he launched the super-skinny iPad Air. The high-end iPad still starts at $499, while the Retina iPad Mini is still $399.

It makes your buying decision fairly straightforward: $300 for the older, smaller iPad Mini; $400 for the nicer Retina Mini or the older Retina iPad; or $500 for the whiz-bang iPad Air. Then add $100 to double the storage, and $130 to add cellular data.

The Retina iPad is £329 in the UK, A$529 in Australia and 389 euros in Europe for the Wi-Fi only model.

A new, cheaper version of the colorful plastic iPhone 5C also went on sale today, but so far it's only available in Europe, the UK, Australia and China.