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Huawei intends to give universities $300M in funding each year despite US trade ban

The promise comes after US colleges including MIT cut ties with the Chinese company.

Huawei's strained relationship with some universities isn't stopping it from offering research funding funding to others, a report said.
Érika García / CNET

Huawei plans to give universities $300 million a year in research funding, Reuters reported, after several major US institutions severed links with the controversial Chinese company earlier this year. William Xu, the head of Huawei's institute of strategic research, said the funding would go to universities where links have been maintained.

"This amount is only going to increase, not decrease from now on," Xu said.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California institutions and Britain's Oxford University were among the colleges that cut ties with Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese telecoms in response to President Donald Trump signing the National Defense Authorization Act last August. A provision of the act bans federal funding recipients from using equipment from certain companies.

Xu also noted that Huawei shipped more than 200,000 5G base stations to markets around the world, even though the US pushed its allies to avoid using the company's next-generation wireless technology.

Huawei didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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