HP CEO talks Android, not Windows 8

Hewlett-Packard is thinking a lot more about Android these days. CEO Meg Whitman focused on new Android products during the company's earnings conference call.

Brooke Crothers
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HP SlateBook tablet: HP's CEO Meg Whitman talked specifically about its new Android products -- not Windows 8 -- in her prepared remarks.
HP SlateBook tablet: CEO Meg Whitman talked specifically about HP's new Android products -- not Windows 8 -- during the company's earnings call. Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman had a lot more to say about the company's new Android products than she did about Windows 8 during HP's second-quarter earnings conference call.

Whitman's remarks hinted at HP's newfound affinity for new operating systems, which includes Android of course.

"Using multiple operating systems, multiple architectures, and multiple form factors, we are moving quickly to product the devices that customers want," she said.

Then she proceeded to talk about new Android devices, with no mention of Windows 8.

"Following the launch of our first Chromebook in February, we launched the Slate 7 in the second quarter...Early signs of interest in [the Slate 7] are encouraging," Whitman said.

And she mentioned the SlateBook x2, "the first Android hybrid device with the Nvidia Tegra 4 mobile processor."

Later in the call, she did talk about PCs but added that Android is an important part of the mix.

"About PCs, listen, if we have the right product that's priced right, the channel still loves HP. And frankly, having Android products here helps a lot. The $169 Slate helps covers a segment of the market that we didn't have before," she said.

HP's 14-inch Chromebook is a steal at only $330.
HP's 14-inch Chromebook is a steal at only $330. Hewlett-Packard