Google 20th anniversary Doodle lets you see popular searches since 1998

Google has loaded its search results with a bunch of Easter eggs to celebrate the occasion.

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Google Doodle celebrates the search giant's 20th birthday. 


Google turned 20 today. And it wants to make sure you're aware of its birthday.

The search giant on Thursday introduced a new playable Google Doodle with "Google" spelled out in letter-shaped balloons tied to a pile of gift boxes featuring popular searches over the past 20 years.

The doodle is just one of the ways that Google is celebrating the occasion, which marks two decades of dominance in the search business. The company has gone from humble beginnings as a search engine to the most dominant force in advertising. Google now has a parent company, Alphabet, with tentacles that touch everything from self-driving cars  to its Android mobile software and the extension of life.

But today is all about search. The company hid "Easter eggs" in the search engine for you to discover.

If you type in "baby," for instance, Google will give you a spelling suggestion like "Did you mean: bae?"

The idea is to translate terms used back in 1998 into terms we use in 2018:

mp3 file = stream music

watch a dvd = streaming subscription

chat room = text the group

how to tell someone you like them = swipe right

page me = new phone, who dis?

what is Y2K? = how does cryptocurrency works?

clip art = gif

screen name = social handle

keepin' it real = keep it 100

gettin' jiggy wit it = floss dance

butterfly clip styles = top knot

low-rider pants = how to style high waisted pants?

digital pet = fidget spinner

143 = ILYSM

CNET screenshot

You can also take a visual tour in Street View of the original Google Garage, just like how it was in 1998. You'll see the bedroom at the end of the hallway as the main office space, with things like a blackboard that says "Google World Headquarters" and a Harvard jacket on a chair. You can take a scroll through the space and find other items like a dinosaur on a computer, blackboards with ideas on them and more.

If you find the secret trap door and turn on the Google neon light, the virtual garage will change its decorations. I've noticed lava lamps are added on the desks.  

Corrections on Sept. 27, 1:39 p.m. PT: Google Doodle leads to a video of popular searches in the past 20 years. 

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