CES: Lady Gaga rocks Polaroid camera sunglasses

The stylish OLED-screen shades are part of a series of instant photo printers designed by Gaga and showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Tim Hornyak
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Tim Hornyak
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Lady Gaga glasses

LAS VEGAS--Sporting a pair of heavy dark shades herself, "Bad Romance" songstress Lady Gaga rolled into CES yesterday to unveil Polaroid sunglasses that can take pics and display them as well.

The super-stylish GL20 Camera Glasses contain a camera and 1.5-inch OLED screens that can capture and display images and video to people around you.

A veiled, black-clad Lady Gaga, Polaroid's creative director, demoed a prototype of the specs on a mannequin, calling the shades the first of their kind. The singer has sported video glasses made of iPod screens before.

Lady Gaga's Polaroid Grey Line

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The GL20 shades have a USB key in the earpiece so imagery can be transferred to a computer and uploaded to the Internet. The shades will be released later this year at an unspecified price.

They're part of a Grey Label lineup of Gaga-inspired products. Also coming out this year is the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, a printer-enabled device that evokes Polaroid's instant camera glory days. The 12-megapixel shooter can hold 10 3x4-inch prints and features a swiveling LCD screen for viewing pics before printing.

The GL10 Instant Mobile Printer is a 15-ounce brushed metal device that can produce Polaroid-style prints in under a minute. It can link to phones via Bluetooth or cameras and PCs via USB.

The ink-free printer uses heat to colorize crystals on 3x4-inch Zink Imaging glossy, tear-proof photo paper, and can print up to 40 pics when its rechargeable battery is fully juiced; filters and borders can be customized for cool effects. The printer will be available in May for $149.99, according to Polaroid.