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CES 2017 press day 2: How to watch Samsung, Sony and more, live

From Samsung and Sony to Hyundai and Toyota, some of the biggest manufacturers in the world announce their new tech today. Here's how you can see it all unfold live.

LAS VEGAS -- It's the first official day of CES, which  means tons of visitors, journalists, and exhibitors hitting the showroom floor. 

Today's the day. The cream of the world's tech industry has gathered in Las Vegas to bet big on their newest, coolest -- and weirdest -- new products at CES 2017. Today, Wednesday, is press day, which means we have a packed schedule of press conferences and announcements to look forward to.

Here's what's happening in Vegas today that definitely won't stay in Vegas. And if you couldn't make it to Sin City you can still get lucky by following the announcements live.

LG (8am PT / 11am ET) The Korean manufacturer was one of the first to take flight this year with a floating speaker. It's also floating the idea of various smart home appliances, smartphones with styluses, 4K monitors and wireless headphones. Bonus: robots! Watch it live.

LG's floating speaker hovers as if by magic.


Monster (9am PT / 12pm ET) The headphone brand will announce a set of completely wireless earbuds to get in on the Apple AirPods action. Look out for Monster Blasters portable Bluetooth boomboxes too -- and a mysterious partnership. All will be revealed when you watch live.

Panasonic (10am PT / 1pm ET) Panasonic is one of those brands we've all heard of, but that doesn't really lead any particular sector. They'll be looking to change that with a slate of new products. Watch live to see how Panasonic pans out.

TCL (11am PT / 2pm ET) You may not have heard of Chinese manufacturer TCL, which makes TVs among other things. But get ready to hear more about the company in 2017 because it's taken on the rights to the BlackBerry brand and has already teased its first BlackBerry-branded phone. Give the TCL press conference some TLC by watching live.

Hisense (12pm PT / 3pm ET) Look out for TV-related announcements in HDR, 4K and the new hotness Quantum Dot. Look out for refrigerators and home appliances too, if you're very lucky. If you've got any sense you'll watch it live.

Toyota (1pm PT / 4pm ET) Hold tight for a new autonomous-car user experience and next-generation telematics. In other words, Toyota will offer a vision of how we'll interact with the self-driving cars of the future and how those cars will interact with one another. Watch live here.

Samsung (2pm PT / 5pm ET) Samsung will be hoping to put the Note 7 debacle behind it in 2017, starting with a lineup of new QLED televisions, smart home appliances and loads more. Watch live for our instant reactions.

Hyundai (3pm PT / 6pm ET) The automaker will be looking to the future with news about self-driving cars, as well as exoskeletons that help workers and people with disabilities. Watch it live.

The Hyundai Ioniq self-driving car.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Intel (4pm PT / 7pm ET) The chipmaker dives into virtual reality as CEO Brian Krzanich talks up VR's potential for reaching the mainstream. Watch live to get all the intel on Intel.

Sony (5pm PT / 8pm ET) Sony is playing its cards close to its chest, but expect the usual range of audio, TV and mobile kit. I know it's Sony rock 'n' roll, but I like it -- so watch live.

Nvidia (6.30pm PT / 9.30m ET) Co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang loves to show off the Nvidia tattoo on his arm. Watch live to find out what else is up his sleeve.

Digital Experience (7pm PT / 10pm ET) Rounding out the day is a showcase of smaller manufacturers, interesting startups and quirky brands all under one roof. We'll bring you the best, worst and weirdest.

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