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Apple's fiscal 2012 in numbers: 125M iPhones, 58.31M iPads

Apple's all done with its fiscal 2012 now that it's reported earnings. Here's how the company did for the full year.

With Apple's fourth-quarter earnings in the bag, we now have a full picture of how the company has done during its entire fiscal year.

Though Apple's last quarter was a disappointment on the profit side, and soft on iPad sales, the company surprised with stronger-than-expected iPhone sales.

The company's current quarter, during which Apple expects to bring in $52 billion in sales, kicked off last month.

Here's some of Apple's 2012 by the numbers:

$156.5 billion. Apple's total sales for the year. The biggest chunk of that came during the first quarter, when the company brought in $46.33 billion in sales.

$41.66 billion. Apple's profits for the entire fiscal year. Once again, the company's biggest quarter was its first, buoyed by sales of more than 37 million iPhones.

$121.25 billion. Apple's current cash pile. It was about $81 billion at the end of this quarter last year, and up about 3.4 percent from its previous quarter.

58.31 million iPads sold. Apple let the cat out of the bag on this one at its event earlier this week, noting that it had sold just over 100 million iPads as of the end of its fiscal year, but that it sold more than half that total in 2012. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the tally as "unprecedented," though analysts were expecting the company to sell about 3 million more during its final quarter. Cook and company chalked up the lower-than-expected number to rumors of new models, including the iPad Mini.

The line for an iPhone 5 outside of Apple's Manhattan store on the phone's launch day.
The line for an iPhone 5 outside of Apple's Manhattan store on the phone's launch day. Greg Sandoval/CNET

125 million iPhones sold. Once again, most of those came in the first half of the year, in the first and second fiscal quarters. Apple sold 37.04 million in its first quarter, and 25.06 in the second quarter. The third and fourth quarters were fairly similar at 26.03 million units and 26.91 million units respectively.

Apple's retail store in Paris, one of the company's 390 stores worldwide.
Apple's retail store in Paris, one of the company's 390 stores worldwide. Stephen Shankland/CNET

35.16 million iPods sold. And just like the iPhone, most of the sales came during the first half of the year. The number tapered down by the quarter. Most of those devices, Apple said, were iPod Touches.

18.15 million Macs sold. Apple sold more Macs than it ever has before during its first quarter, where the company moved 5.2 million computers. As usual, most of those sold were portables. By comparison, Apple sold 17 million Macs during all of last year.

5.3 million Apple TV set-top boxes sold. This number, announced during today's earnings conference call with investors, is up 3.2 million from Apple's total sold last year.

33 retail stores opened. That's less than last year's 40 new stores. Apple closed out last year with 357 retail stores, and ended this fiscal year with 390 stores.

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