Apple's fiscal 2011 by the numbers

Apple released its fourth-quarter results, which means it's a good time to look at some of the company's key metrics for the entire fiscal year, including sales of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPods.

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With Apple's fourth quarter earnings in the bag, we now have a fuller picture of how Apple's done during its entire fiscal year.

The company's current quarter, which is the first for fiscal 2012, kicked off last month.

Here's some of Apple's year by the numbers:

$108 Billion. Apple's total revenue for the year. That's 66 percent higher than Apple's total revenue from its 2010 fiscal year.

$25.9 billion. Apple's cumulative earnings for the year, or $27.68 per share. That works out to an 85 percent increase year over last year's $14 billion.

$81 billion. Apple's current cash pile, two-thirds of which is held overseas, as noted by Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer during today's conference call. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the cash isn't "burning a hole in our pocket," with the company already using some of it reinvest in its business. Such investments include acquisitions of such technologies as Siri, which Apple bought last year and turned into an iPhone 4S feature; investments in intellectual property, including Apple's spending on the Nortel patents; and spending on the company's retail stores.

Apple sold 72 million iPhones during the year.
Apple sold 72 million iPhones during the year. Apple

72 million iPhones sold. All quarters combined, Apple sold 72 million iPhones, nearly double last year's tally of 40 million. That's a little more impressive considering this quarter's softer-than-expected iPhone sales number, which took a hit due to some holding out for Apple to release a new phone, which it did. Of course the iPhone 4S isn't counted in Apple's fourth-quarter earnings. We'll have to wait for its first-quarter 2012 earnings to know how many it's sold.

32 million iPads sold. This was Apple's first full fiscal year selling the iPad, and consumers responded by snapping up 32 million units. About two-thirds of that number came within the last six months, which includes the release of Apple's more popular iPad 2.

17 million Macs sold. It may not be the big breadwinner that the iPhone and iPad have become, but Apple grew its Mac sales year over year. By quarter, that breaks down to: 23 percent growth in Apple's first quarter; 28 percent increase in the second quarter; 14 percent in the third quarter; and a 26 percent increase in the fourth quarter. While the third quarter is the big soft spot in the bunch, it matches up with users waiting to get machines running Mac OS X Lion system software, which was released during Apple's stronger fourth quarter.

42.6 million iPods sold. iPods continued their sales decline this year, with the fourth quarter taking the worst hit. The iPod suffered a 27 percent decline from the same quarter the year before, though during the earnings call, Apple noted that it still did better than the company was expecting it to. This number includes all iPod models, though Apple's mentioned throughout its earnings calls this year that the iPod Touch continues to be the majority seller in the iPod family.

Apple's San Francisco flagship store the morning of the iPad 2 launch earlier this year.
Apple's San Francisco flagship store the morning of the iPad 2 launch earlier this year. James Martin/CNET

40 new retail stores. Apple grew its retail empire during the fiscal year, expanding by an extra 40 stores. Worth noting is that 30 of those opened up during Apple's fourth quarter, and 21 those were built up outside the U.S. All told, Apple now has 357 stores worldwide.

We'll get a deeper dive of Apple's progress during 2011 when it releases its annual report, which is expected to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the end of the month.