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Apple iPhone 5: Early reactions from around the Web

The iPhone 5 has finally arrived and we're gathering first impressions from the announcement. Are you oohing and ahhing? Yawning? Something in between?

iPhone 5 announcement
The new iPhone 5 is unveiled.
James Martin/CNET

Now that the feverish iPhone 5 anticipation is simmering down into the reality of the announcement, it's time to see what the initial reactions are to the news.

Here's the big summary. The glass and aluminum iPhone 5 sports 4G LTE, a 4-inch Retina display, an upgraded camera, iOS 6, and a fast new A6 chip. It's also 7.6mm thick and weighs 20 percent less than the iPhone 4S. One of the biggest changes is the new, much-smaller Lightning connector. An adapter will make it work with older connectors, but it's quite a departure for both consumers and accessory makers.

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Looking back at the iPhone 4S announcement last year, a lot of people we're decidedly underwhelmed. The iPhone 5 is finally here and everyone has an opinion to share. Apple's senior vice president of product marketing Phil Schiller called it "an absolute jewel." Do others agree?

From CNET's live blog, just before the event:

"G'day from CNET in Sydney :) It may be the middle of the night here, but I am so pumped for this announcement." --by Joseph Hanlon

From CNET's live blog, just before the event:

"I am kind of glad there is a new connector, I want a simpler connection that i can connect to the phone quickly and in the dark if needed." --by mkevin88

From Revision3's "Tekzilla" co-host Veronica Belmont on Twitter during the announcement:

"That iPhone 5 needs to eat a sandwich."

From CNET's live blog:

It looks like, from the side, that the new iPhone's as thin as the metal band at the center of the iPhone 4/4S. --by CNET editor Scott Stein

From Huffington Post's Jason O. Gilbert on Twitter during the announcement:

"Rumor mill nailed absolutely every single detail of the iPhone 5 this time around."

From CNET's Facebook page:

"Looks beautiful, but its limited new features did not *Wow!* me enough. And 16GB to start with? My collection of apps alone are almost 15GB! Why not take it to the next step and begin with 32GB? I'll stick with my 4S." --by Chi-Ho Tse

From CNET reader comments:

"There is no disappointment here for me, Apple added all of the elements that made the iPhone 4S less-than-desirable. I think hype is a terrible thing because it makes people believe that EVERY new product Apple comes out with will be life-changing and extraordinary. What more, at this point in time, can you ask for in a smartphone?" --by Mandre24