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Early reactions to Apple's iPhone news

We scour the Web (including our own live blog of the event) and round up a sampling of comments about Apple's latest iPhone revelations.

Pricing information for the next lineup of iPhones. Preorders start October 7, and the U.S. release date is October 14.
Kent German/CNET

Lots of eyes are trained on Cupertino, Calif., today, as Apple holds its much-anticipated Let's Talk iPhone event.

It's been confirmed that there will be one new version of the iPhone, named the iPhone 4S, which features a dual-core A5 processor, up to 64GB in capacity, iOS 5, HSPA+, a very full-featured 8MP camera, and 1080p video recording. There was no mention of the iPhone 5 from Cupertino today.

Sprint is now an official carrier for the iPhone, and the device is Apple's first "world phone." The iPhone 4S also has a newly designed antenna that "intelligently switches between two antennas to transmit and receive, resulting in faster speeds and better call quality." Lastly, most of the iPhone 4S introduction displayed Siri, an incredible voice-driven assistant that can play songs, call people, create text messages, set up meetings and reminders, give directions, and dictate e-mails.

Here are some comments from CNET readers and gadget followers elsewhere that caught our eye before, during, and after the event.

From CNET's live blog, as the event was gearing up to start:

"Oh I can't wait! I think this is the event of the year I've been waiting for!" --by Scooter

From CNET's live blog as event was gearing up to start:

"Crazy to think about all this hype and buzz all around a release of a product! Hail consumerism!" --by Jordon Spronk
The A5 processor from the iPad 2 returns in the iPhone 4S. Kent German/CNET

From Engadget's live blog:

"It took 15 months to fit the A5 processor you already have been selling for months into the iphone 4. Bad day for apple...what happened to setting the pace for the industry. Apple will be lagging far behind by Christmas." --by Engadget reader dswatson83

From CNET's live blog:

"The 4S can switch between two antennas, in case, you know, you hold it wrong." --by utopia
Some of the new camera features of the iPhone 4S. Kent German/CNET

From CNET's live blog:

"This is hardly an upgrade to the 4 and barely a catch up to most Android phones." --by Netouno

From CNET's live blog:

"Is this really all worth getting the SFPD to help your internal security perform an illegal search of a guy's house? If you're gonna do that, at least give us an iPhone 5!" --by MBE
Siri, the new Jack-of-all-trades voice assistant in iOS 5. Kent German/CNET

From NPD analyst and CNET contributor Ross Rubin on Twitter:

"We've come full-circle. Voice is again the phone's killer app."

From founder of PaidContent Rafat Ali on Twitter:

"Apple didn't 'fail to manage expectations' on non-existent iPhone 5, tech press failed to manage any sanity in coverage."

From CNET's live blog:

"Siri seems way more impressive than current Android offerings. I may make the jump to 4S after all, even after my 3GS died..." --by Shane
Some of the options found within Siri. Kent German/CNET

From CNET's live blog:

"Scott then made a calendar appointment, all by talking. This is, seriously, some impressive stuff happening here." --by verne

From technology writer Dave Zatz on Twitter:

"Siri: Where is the iPhone 5?"

From BusinessWeek technology writer Brad Stone on Twitter:

"I'm withholding judgment on voice activated Siri assistant until i try it out in a noisy room, stressed for time."

From CNET's live blog:

"I wonder if people would have been less upset if Steve Jobs gave the keynote speech?" --by Robert

From CNET's live blog:

"I think we can safely say that we all knew it wouldn't be the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is going to be really great. The new hardware makes it essentially a small iPad 2 with a better camera, and video recording, along with Siri (after beta)." --by Mike

From CNET's live blog:

"iPhone 4 Part 2. This is like expecting Star Wars and getting Phantom Menace instead." --by Scott