9 great reads from CNET this week

We learn how Amazon's Ring cameras are helping police build a surveillance web, what caused Chernobyl, and why you might commute via flying car in 2025.

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It was just Monday that Apple executives at WWDC showed off their latest wares, including iOS 13 with a dark mode, standalone apps to replace iTunes, an operating system just for the iPad, a new Mac Pro and much more.

But the week stayed busy: Amazon filled us in on all it's doing in the area of AI and machine learning. The FCC approved a plan to give mobile phone companies more power to "aggressively block" unwanted robocalls. And ahead of next week's massive E3 gaming event, Google announced plans for its Stadia game streaming service, which includes a free tier for games you buy from Google.

Here are our picks for the week's best reads:

Amazon Ring doorbells are creating a surveillance web for police

The company's popular smart doorbells mean more cameras on more doorsteps, where surveillance footage used to be rare. 

Robert Rodriguez

Meet the angry gaming YouTubers who turn outrage into views

The video game world is no stranger to controversy, but a new class of YouTube commentators is turning anger into influence.

Yuri Nunes, EyeEm/Composite by CNET

From iPhone X to that MacBook keyboard: Tim Cook's hits and misses

Here's how Steve Jobs' successor has fared over the past eight years as Apple CEO.

James Martin/CNET

Here's the Aska flying car that could whisk you to work in 2025

Startup NFT unveils the folding-wing vehicle it hopes will halve travel times by both driving on roads and flying itself through the air.


FIFA Women's World Cup is here, but life as a pro can be a grueling, unrewarding slog

The 2019 Women's World Cup is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. Maybe it's time that more women can play soccer for a living.

W-League Rd 10 - Perth v Canberra
Paul Kane / Getty Images

Inside Apple's WWDC, from Mac Pro shock to Wi-Fi meltdown

What's the Apple developers conference like? A WWDC veteran and rookie share their wildly different perspectives.

Developers at Apple's WWDC 2019 conference
Stephen Shankland/CNET

Rowing against the current

Despite serious technology glitches and a major hurricane, Tori Murden McClure didn't give up on her dream of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Courtesy of Spalding University

Chernobyl: Why did the nuclear reactor explode and could it happen again?

What is a positive void coefficient and how did it contribute to the reactor explosion on April 26, 1986?

Liam Daniel/HBO

It's time for Apple Watch to leave the iPhone behind

WatchOS 6 pushes Apple's smartwatch to greater independence, but it needs to stand completely alone.

James Martin/CNET