9 great reads from CNET this week

Why it's time to confront your phone addiction, how a CNET reporter survived a 59-hour Marvel movie marathon, and life with Samsung's new Galaxy Fold.

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It was a busy week for geek culture news with the debut of both Avengers: Endgame and the second installment in the last season of Game of Thrones. Amid the hype, Amazon shifted its two-day Prime shipping to one day, we learned more about an upcoming IPO for Uber, and Facebook put a $3 billion price tag on its privacy woes as it readies for next week's F8.

Here are more stories you don't want to miss:

Screen time is rising and it's ruining us. Here are 11 ways to cut back

Here's how I did it. (And you can, too.)

Woman reading and texting on smartphone in bed
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The Nintendo Game Boy was a console designed to last for a lifetime (my lifetime)

On its 30th anniversary, we take a look at what made the original Nintendo Game Boy so special.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Life with the Galaxy Fold, screen crease, notch, air gap and all

We know about the Fold's screen problems. Now let's talk about the screen itself.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Avengers: Endgame is here -- My 59-hour Marvel movie marathon's reached its end

I'm holed up in a theater watching 22 Marvel films back to back. I'm hating that it has to end (but loving Captain America).


TikTok's quirky videos are the hot new way to find fame

The app for super-short videos is creating a new crop of social media stars.

TikTok US Launch Celebration
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Avengers: Endgame review -- Marvel's ultimate love letter to fans tops Infinity War

Don't worry, this one is spoiler-free: The Russos' wholly satisfying superhero epic, a sequel to every MCU movie ever, doesn't waste a second.


Weed tech heats up with a new smart vaporizer from Apple, Microsoft alums

The newest app-enabled vaporizer on the market is the Firefly 2 Plus, and it shows how Silicon Valley is looking to cash in on cannabis as legalization picks up steam.


Patient names, treatments leak among millions of rehab records

Exclusive: The exposed data affects nearly 150,000 people.

Angela Lang/CNET

Will Amazon Prime make one-day shipping the new norm for online shopping?

Even as Amazon pushes ahead, expect other retailers to struggle to match it.

Ben Fox Rubin/CNET